5 Tips To Fight Anxiety

5 Tips To Fight Anxiety!

CBD is almost everywhere you look these days and just about everyone is talking about it. From what was once an obscure product found in health food stores and smoke shops has exploded in popularity to be found in big box beauty stores and even on the shelves of some grocery stores. From grandma using it for her chronic pain to your uncle giving it to his dog to try and treat anxiety during the fourth of July fireworks. CBD has worked its way into the mainstream and is being used by so many people for a myriad of conditions from depression to serious life-threatening ones such as epilepsy. However, almost 62% of CBD users report that they use it to treat pain, anxiety, and depression. In fact, many users report that CBD has helped them to get their anxiety and depression under control where other methods were seriously lacking. This has allowed many people to drop prescriptions and resume a normal life. If you have wondered how CBD can help you manage your high anxiety and depression, then read on to find out five tips on how it can help you.

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What is CBD?

CBD is the shortened form for a cannabinoid called cannabidiol. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant which is a member of the cannabis family. Cannabis may sound familiar as it is the plant that marijuana is ultimately derived from. The main difference is that marijuana is high in THC (cannabinoid that causes a “high”) but low in CBD while hemp is very low in THC and high in CBD. While CBD and THC share a similar molecular structure, CBD does not induce a euphoric feeling. This means that CBD will not get you “high” but is reported to help with many of the same things that marijuana has been known to help with. In particular, users say that it helps to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Tip #1: Better Sleep

Depression and anxiety are caused by a ton of factors. Some triggers are well understood while others are more elusive and require more study. However, one thing is certain that a lack of sleep can lead to stress and stress is a major contributing factor to anxiety and depression. Therefore, if your sleep schedule is better and you are getting the right amount each night, then it will reduce your stress, thereby reducing the amount of anxiety and depression felt overall. CBD is an excellent sleep aid and one of the most reported benefits of CBD is an amazing quality of sleep. Gummies, capsules, tinctures, and edibles make a great choice for this. Take one before getting ready for bed, go to sleep faster, and experience the best sleep of your life

Tip #2: Relaxing

Another way to combat anxiety and depression in your life is to relax a bit more. CBD can be a great tool for this. Things like CBD flower or vape cartridges can be an excellent way to unwind and relax after a long day of work, school, or any other stressful events. An added bonus to smoking or vaping CBD is that it is extremely fast-acting and can provide almost instant relief. Combine this with an edible for maximum relief and settle in to watch your favorite movie to decompress.

Tip #3: Exercise

Riding a bike, hiking, swimming, or just about any form a physical activity can be a great way to deal with stress and in turn anxiety and depression. It is well known that physical activity can have a profound effect on the mind, allowing it to handle whatever can be tossed it’s way. CBD can be a helpful tool when it comes to exercising as well as it helps to decrease the recoup time and lowers the perceived soreness of the muscles. Next time you are active pack a CBD gummy or two to eat after to feel the stress melting and relaxing effects.

Tip #4: Meditation

Another effective way to deal with stress in a healthy way is to engage in meditation. Meditation has been known for centuries to calm the mind and promote healing from within. If you are having trouble clearing your mind and getting into the meditation then take some CBD. It can go a long way towards calming the mind down and giving you a moment to breathe. Meditation and CBD go hand in hand with both of them producing a powerful relaxing calm throughout the body.

Tip #5: CBD!

Probably the most helpful tip on this whole list is to take CBD whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed out. With so many ways to take CBD, it is a good idea to research and experiment with what works best for you. For fast relief, smoking, vaping, or sublingual CBD tinctures are the best. For a longer-lasting relief that will last many hours, then an edible or oil that is consumed orally will be the ultimate option. CBD can be a very effective weapon against high anxiety and depression with millions of users using it for that reason. If you have any questions about how it can help you be sure to reach out to us today!

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