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CBD Isolate, Flower

A Complete Guide To CBD Isolate

As CBD has risen in popularity, many people have been wondering more about its various forms and effects.

CBD Flower, Isolate

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is one form of cannabidiol (CBD), a type of chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. The other two main forms of CBD are broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD. Unlike the others, CBD isolate is pure CBD and does not contain any THC whatsoever.

Since tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive component of cannabis, the part that produces a high, some customers want to avoid THC entirely. CBD isolate is the way for them to do so while still experiencing the benefits associated with CBD products.

Manufacturers of CBD isolate use an extraction process to remove all other compounds from the cannabis plant, leaving behind pure CBD in the form of crystal or powder.

Five Reasons Why Customers Love CBD Isolate

If you’re not yet convinced that CBD isolate is a good choice for you, consider these five reasons customers love it.

1. It’s Easy to Create an Exact Dose

Unlike other CBD products which contain other ingredients, CBD isolate is CBD alone. That means you should have no trouble finding an exact dose without excessive measurements or calculations. All you need to do is measure out the CBD isolate in the dose you want and you’ll know exactly how much CBD you’re using.

2. It’s Almost Tasteless

CBD isolate is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to avoid a strong earthy flavor like that associated with full-spectrum CBD. With almost no flavor at all, CBD isolate can mix well with whatever you choose. You’ll be able to get your CBD dose without dealing with any unpleasant taste. Taking a dose has never been easier than with CBD isolate.

3. It’s Perfect for the Home Cook or Baker

Along the same line, CBD isolate is perfect for baking and cooking. You can incorporate it into food without altering the flavor or smell of the final product. Want to bake a cake and get your CBD dose at the same time? It’s more than possible with CBD isolate.

4. It Offers Drug Testing Assurance

Since CBD isolate contains virtually no THC, it’s less likely than full-spectrum CBD to show up on a standard drug test. It’s already unlikely for full-spectrum CBD to be detected by a drug test since by law it must contain less than 0.3% THC. Using CBD isolate will just give you even more assurance that your CBD use will not register in the event of a drug test

5. It Provides Excellent Potential Effects  

Just like other CBD products, CBD isolate can provide pleasant effects such as improving mood, reducing inflammation, managing pain and anxiety, and more. While these results are not guaranteed and additional research is required, the reported effects from customers are largely very beneficial and desirable. And with CBD isolate, you get to enjoy these benefits without worrying about the mind-altering effects of THC.

CBD Isolate

How to Use CBD isolate

You have a variety of ways to use CBD isolate, in either its crystalline or powdered form.


To use CBD isolate topically, mix it with a lotion and apply it over the desired area. Or, you could simply buy a CBD isolate lotion from a reputable retailer.


For sublingual use of CBD isolate, place the CBD powder under your tongue and leave it there for one minute.


You can take CBD isolate orally by purchasing capsules or pills. Alternatively, you can mix the CBD isolate into your food or drink and ingest it that way. Be advised, however, that the body’s gastrointestinal tract can struggle to absorb CBD, meaning oral use may lead to less significant effects.

Potential Downsides to CBD Isolate

Though CBD isolate boasts many benefits, no product is perfect. There are some drawbacks to CBD isolate that you should be aware of before you decide whether it’s right for you.

The entourage effect theory is that ingesting CBD, THC, and terpenes at the same time can increase the positive effects compared to taking each separately. That means, if you use CBD isolate rather than full or broad-spectrum CBD, you may be missing out on additional benefits.

Additionally, there is always some risk for adverse side effects when you use any CBD products, including CBD isolate. It’s a good idea to check with your doctor before adding CBD isolate to your routine just for additional assurance.

Where to Buy CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is likely available at your local brick-and-mortar CBD store or through some online retailers.

It’s important to buy CBD isolate from a reputable retailer with published lab results from an independent third party. That’s the best way to be confident the product won’t contain any THC or other unwanted materials. Look for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) to find these results.

Though CBD products are federally legal, you should also be aware of state and local regulations that may govern the buying and possession of CBD isolates.

The Big Picture

CBD isolate is a popular type of CBD because it offers the benefits of CBD without any traceable amounts of THC.

The two main forms of CBD isolate are a crystalline form or, more commonly, a powder. In its powder form, CBD isolate can be used in various ways including topically and orally by putting it into food or drink you’re consuming.

CBD isolate is perfect for consumers who are looking for a pure, simple CBD alternative to full-spectrum CBD.

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