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about us

With a vision to help people while providing medicinal therapies to promote health, healing and well-being, Eagle Moon Hemp was founded by owners Ed and Trudy Healy. Ed of Ogden, Utah, and Trudy, of Rancho De Taos, New Mexico started their Eagle Moon Farm (the #1 green chile growers in the world) in beautiful Luna County in southwestern New Mexico. Fired up by their success with their green chile production and the potential of their young farmers, they swiftly expanded their farm into Eagle Moon Hemp. This partnership, along with each dedicated employee of Eagle Moon Hemp and our consumers like you, produced our Eagle Moon Hemp Family!

Ed’s family were major farmers in England; when moving to America they were entrepreneurs in what would become the historical building of America’s infrastructure projects, like the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, that still deliver water to farmers today. Trudy was a pioneer of the Allan Savory Institute, initiating holistic management of resources and agriculture in the United States for ranching and farming.

Image of Eagle Moon Hemp Farmers
Ealge Moon Hemp Farm

Eagle Moon Hemp soars above all other hemp producers. From soil to the oil, Eagle Moon Hemp is extremely proud to have cultivated one of the largest hemp farms and CBD extraction laboratories in the United States. Utilizing Israeli made water filter systems and drip irrigation per Luna county policy, our hemp is controlled and perfected by us every step of the way, producing unparalleled innovative products!

Welcome to the Eagle Moon Family!