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Things The Best Hemp Farms Have In Common

CBD has had a meteoric rise over the past few years. From a humble product that was only found in health food stores and smoke shops, it can now be found practically everywhere. It is available at the gas station and convenience store on the corner up to the beauty supply shop and local grocery chains. This is due to the millions of people around the globe using CBD to treat everything from anxiety and depression to cancer and epilepsy. With so many people growing, producing, and selling CBD products like CBD supplements, it can be hard to choose as to who is the best hemp company to do business with. Read on to find out what the best hemp farms have in common and who are the best to do business with whether you are a distributor, CBD wholesaler, or an individual user.

Determining Which Are The Best Hemp Farms

With CBD becoming so popular, it is no wonder that so many companies are popping up out of nowhere. Some of these companies have the best intentions to change the industry and supply a premium product. However, unfortunately there are plenty of operations out there that care nothing for the customer or the industry and it is all about the money. When trying to determine the best hemp farms from those you should avoid it is best to follow these tips.

Buy Hemp Products That Are Organic & Vegan

A Hemp Farm Should Be Using Organic &Pesticide-Free Practices

When looking into a hemp farm it is always a great idea to look for those who follow these practices. A farm that is organic, vegan, non-GMO, and pesticide-free means that it is also friendlier to the environment than a farm using conventional methods. It also means that there are less dangerous chemicals coming into contact with the final product. This will ensure that your hemp products are safe for the world, but also safe for your body. As a bonus, the more people that reach for products that are up to these standards means that more farmers will participate which could significantly help reduce our impact as humans on the environment around us.

Is Growing Hemp Legal?

This probably sounds pretty obvious. So much so that maybe you rolled your eyes or said “duh” at this one. However, it is a good idea to be sure that the hemp farm you plan to deal with is selling hemp that conforms to the laws and regulations. In the United States, hemp is considered legal if the THC content is below 0.3%. When looking for CBD products, like CBD Edibles or CBD Oil, be sure that this is the case, or you might just find yourself in a whole heap of legal trouble.

Consistent Crops

Another thing to look out for is if the hemp farm can keep a steady supply. If the farm cannot provide products as needed, then it can seriously hurt your business or leave you hanging when you need it most.

Understanding CBD COa's

Hemp Crops Should Have A Certificate of Analysis

Most importantly the main thing to look out for, does the farm make their COAs readily available for you to see? If not, this should raise some serious red flags and concerns. The best hemp farms always make their COAs easy to find and provide them when asked. A COA is truly important as it can tell you what is in the hemp in terms of the cannabinoid content, if it is legal, how it was grown, etc. COAs are a window into the hemp and of what kind of quality it is. If the farm you are looking at does not readily supply these key pieces of information, then it is best to look elsewhere. Only the best hemp farms will make COAs a top priority and provide them without being asked. If you have never read one of these our guide on understanding COA’s might help you get some insight

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