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CBD has exploded onto the scene and has become the hottest trend in health food and supplements right now. You can find it in practically everything from food and drink to lotions and bath bombs. It has outgrown its niche spot in smoke shops and has firmly found its way into major grocery stores and beauty supply shops. CBD is expected to become a 22 billion dollar industry by the year 2024 according to Forbes Magazine. It has been experiencing over 100% growth every year since hitting the mainstream consciousness only a few short years ago. For CBD extract lab’s and product manufacturers, this has meant a phenomenal growth as long as they can secure the much-needed CBD biomass needed.

What are CBD Biomass Hemp Futures?

Hemp Futures Farming Contracts cover the cultivation, harvesting, and finally the sale of the crops. Hemp futures are a contract between a buyer or processor and a farmer to grow a specific amount and/or strain of a high CBD content hemp. In this agreement, the farmer can be assured of a place to sell his crop and focus on that with less worry about finding a buyer. Vice versa the buyer or processor can be confident they will obtain the amount and type of product they want without the risk.

Flexibility and Length of Contracts​

Hemp futures can be worked out and agreed upon for any length or quota. A contract can be from a single season to any number of years. The flexibility of hemp futures contacts makes them an excellent choice for both buyers and farmers. It allows both parties involved to negotiate specific terms that are mutually beneficial to the buyer and the farmer. Hemp futures are also excellent for hemp processors looking to secure a large amount of hemp biomass to go into their CBD products without the worry of finding it during the harvest and fighting with another hemp processor in this fast-growing marketplace.

High CBD Hemp Futures Available!

Types of Hemp Futures

There are three main types of hemp futures and they are High CBD Hemp Biomass Futures, CBD Hemp Flower Futures, and Industrial Hemp Biomass Futures. Each one has a slightly different intended purpose.

CBD Hemp Flower Futures

High CBD hemp flower futures are usually grown with practices similar to medical-grade cannabis. This means they are often grown indoors or in a greenhouse with temperature controls and free moving air. The plants are then hand trimmed producing top-quality CBD flowers. These are often grown earlier in the season and given special care and attention to ensure the highest quality product. These often find their way into a specialty market for CBD flower within the CBD market.

High CBD Hemp Biomass Futures

High CBD hemp biomass futures are the most common type of hemp futures contracts. This type of futures end product is a lightly processed or totally unprocessed plant that is used by the buyer or processor to produce an extract rich in CBD. This extract, then makes its way into a variety of products that contain CBD. From tinctures all the way down to edibles and topicals.

Industrial Hemp Futures

Industrial hemp futures are the least desirable when it comes to CBD production. While the other two types are preferred, it can be used to make extract CBD and turned into products. More often than not, industrial hemp goes on to make other things such as paper and rope. This type of product is often acquired late in the season when all other types have run out.

Eagle Moon Hemp’s Futures

We here at Eagle Moon Hemp have to ability to serve approximately one-eighth of the entire hemp industry in the United States. We currently have the operational capacity of  more than five million pounds of hemp biomass futures to sell! The target CBD content of these futures is 12 to 18% CBD and we have them available in several strains. CBG biomass, also available. If you are interested in a specific strain, contact us directly so we can determine what other options would be suitable. Our hemp biomass futures are sold at a minimum of 50,000 pounds and costing as low as 70 cents a point!

The Best Hemp in the Southwest!

Not only does Eagle Moon Hemp make buying hemp futures easy and affordable, but we have some of the best hemp available on the market. From soil to seed to full-grown plant, we use little more than sun and water to bring you the finest hemp grown under a New Mexican sky. We are proud to bring you some of the best hemp on the planet.

If you are interested in any of our biomass hemp futures be sure to get in contact with us. Whether looking for a strain we have available or looking to request one we love to talk to our customers and help them to find the best option. We are confident that our futures are the best and most cost-effective on the market and always looking to improve. That being said, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns be sure to call or email us so we can address them promptly. Eagle Moon Hemp is here for all of your CBD production needs!