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Why Buy CBD Crystal?

How To Wholesale,Use and Make CDB Crystals?

CBD crystals are a white powder that is up to 99% pure CBD with no other terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, or essential oils found in the hemp plant. CBD crystals are also known as CBD isolate and it is one of the most versatile and easy to use forms of CBD available on the market. It is also 100% THC free for those who are seeking CBD without even the slightest trace amounts of THC. CBD crystals also make an excellent addition to any vape shop, smoke shop, or CBD shop as they add diversity to your lineup and ultimately improve your bottom line. They are also perfect for the homemade chemist who would like to infuse their own CBD products, food, drinks, topicals, and other skincare products. With CBD crystals the only limit to what you can do with CBD is your imagination.

How Are CBD Crystals Made?

CBD crystals start life just like all other forms of CBD extracts locked within the growing hemp plant. This raw biomass is then harvested and put through one of the three main extraction processes in an extract lab. These are solvent extraction, steam distillation, and CO2 supercritical extraction. While each has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages the outcome is the same resulting in what is known as crude CBD oil. This crude oil is then further refined and distilled into a variety of CBD distillates. These distillates are then mixed with a solvent called pentane and heated up until a homogenous mixture is formed. Once this mixture is cooled the CBD crystals also called CBD isolate will fall out of the cooling solution. The result is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless white powder that resembles freshly fallen snow. It is also 99% pure CBD and 100% THC free.

How Are CBD Crystals Used?

The absolutely beautiful thing about CBD crystals is the ease of use and the versatility they afford. There are so many ways to use it that the possibilities are almost endless. Read on to find out!

  • Sublingual: A very fast-acting and effective way to use CBD crystals is to place them directly under the tongue and let them dissolve. This method avoids the digestion system and allows the CBD to absorb directly into the bloodstream. This means higher bioavailability with lightning-fast relief.
  • Inhalation: CBD crystals can be used in a vape pen or a traditional dab rig. This is a super-fast way to get the effects of the CBD and is increasing in popularity among users. The reason for this is vaping or dabbing CBD crystals can be an awesome way to get a huge dose of CBD in a very quick manner while bypassing the filtering of the liver.
  • Ingestion: CBD crystals are easily consumed. They can be precisely measured and put into gel caps to take with your daily multivitamin, or they can be sprinkled directly onto your favorite food or beverage. Heck, they can even just be swallowed as is but where is the fun in that? Many people have taken to adding some CBD crystals to their morning coffee for an anxiety-free day or to their night time chamomile tea for the best sleep of their life. You could even try your hand at some CBD brownies, cookies, or homemade gummies. This is truly one area where the only limit is the imagination.
  • Homemade Oils and Topicals: The topic of homemade food and beverages with CBD crystals brings us to another homemade product. This is the area of oils, skincare, haircare, and topicals. It is as simple as mixing the CBD crystals with your favorite shampoo, lotion, or cream and boom, you have a CBD infused product. Or why not try your hand at creating something from scratch such as a homemade facial scrub or homemade hand wash. Let your creativity shine and start creating some of your favorite CBD products yourself. Who knows, maybe it will lead to your own brand of CBD infused products.
CBD Crystals Before They Are Turned Into CBD Isolate

CBD Crystals Wholesale

If you own a shop that specializes in CBD such as a smoke shop or vape store, then it would be a great idea to consider becoming a reseller of CBD crystals. They are a surefire way to increase business by beefing up your product line and providing what the veteran CBD users are searching for. With so many uses CBD crystals have risen in popularity. Another reason for this increase is the lack of THC, which makes it appeal to a much larger segment of the population. Become a reseller today and watch those margins soar!

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