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3 Top Factors To Consider When Buying CBD Isolate Wholesale

First and foremost, let’s talk about what exactly CBD isolate is. CBD isolate is an extract of the hemp plant that appears like freshly fallen snow. It is made using other extracts of CBD that are put through a special process that removes all the other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, essential oils, and amino acids. This process leaves behind a pure white powder form that is up to 99% CBD with absolutely no THC or other compounds found within the hemp plant. CBD isolate is perfect for those who are looking to take CBD but want to avoid THC at all costs. It is also perfect for those looking to get very large doses of CBD as just a little bit goes a very long way. CBD isolate is also extremely versatile as it can be smoked, vaped, eaten, drunk, or mixed with almost anything and applied to the skin or hair. It is perfect for those looking to create their own custom CBD infused edibles or topicals since it is odorless, tasteless, and colorless meaning you can make the perfect CBD gummies or cookies in the comfort of your own home with the dosage you are looking for.

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CBD Isolate Wholesale

CBD is one of the biggest trends in health in the last ten years. It has exploded in popularity from an obscure product found at only smoke shops and small health food stores to being available almost anywhere. From the corner convenience store to big box grocery stores CBD can be found on the shelves of almost every business out there. This massive surge has led to a $250 million industry to balloon to an expected $20 billion in 2020 according to some experts. In fact, it is being hailed as America’s next “gold rush” and many new CBD businesses are popping up every day. It has become a great time to start either selling CBD at your current business or starting one based around the sale of CBD itself. One product that has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity is CBD isolate. This awesome product is up to 99% pure CBD and 100% THC free making it the perfect product for those who want to try CBD without the fear of ingesting any THC whatsoever. If you are thinking about carrying CBD isolate at your shop, then here are 5 things you should know when looking for a CBD isolate wholesaler

Certificates of Analysis (COA)

 If you are looking to buy CBD isolate wholesale, then an excellent thing to check out is if the company has COAs readily available. COAs are a phenomenal way to see the exact makeup of the CBD isolate and be sure that it complies with the legalities but also is free from harmful toxins or other undesired compounds that are found within the hemp plant. Most reputable companies will make their COAs easy to find or will provide them upon request. If you are seeking a CBD isolate wholesaler and they cannot provide COAs then it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.

Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)

Another excellent thing to look out or when looking to buy CBD isolate wholesale is that the company you are looking into is GMP certified. Essentially, this means that the facility follows and adheres to the correct standards to get this coveted title. Good manufacturing processes are the cornerstone of any good hemp processing facility and show that they care enough to do things right. Without this certification, it might be in your best interest to look elsewhere as it can be hard to trust the quality of the CBD isolate.

Organic, Non-GMO, Pesticide-Free, Vegan

Many customers these days are seeking items that are grown with good intentions to the earth and are not loaded with chemicals that could cause nasty side effects. That’s why when looking for a good CBD isolate wholesaler it is always a great idea to find companies who grow their hemp with an emphasis on organic, non-GMO, vegan, and pesticide-free practices. This will ensure that the hemp was grown with the utmost care and attention to quality while also limiting the instance of passing on harmful toxins to the consumer. CBD is considered a natural and holistic remedy that many people will often seek out the highest quality with the most respect for mother earth

EMH Production Process

Vertically Integrated Farming Method

Vertically integrated refers to the fact that a farm or CBD manufacturer controls every step of the process from planting the seeds to the finished product. When looking for a high-quality CBD isolate wholesaler it is best to look for one that has a vertically integrated system. Not only does this safeguard that you are receiving the highest quality product available, but you are also getting the best prices as there is no middleman driving up the cost. Vertically integrated farms produce by far and large better-quality CBD products with their attention to detail in every step of the process.

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