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5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy CBD Wholesale

Are you interested in starting your own CBD business or adding CBD to your current business’s lineup? Why not in today’s current market? CBD has created a revolution in the self-help and self-care industry as it has been reported to help with an amazing variety of ailments. From just a small industry a few years ago of just $250 million some experts are predicting almost $20 billion in revenue in 2020. It is being called the next “gold rush” in America and many businesses are being created overnight and getting rich as a result of this awesome boom. If there ever was a time to offer CBD at your current business or get involved in the CBD industry from the ground up than it is now. Read on to ask and answer five questions you should be asking yourself and your wholesaler before making a purchase.

Is CBD Legal?

5: Is it Legal?

This may sound like a dumb question to ask yourself or even your supplier, but it is a valid one. The 2018 farm bill made hemp legal in all 50 states federally as long as it is under 0.3% THC. Most producers in CBD follow the guidelines, but as with any industry, it is always a good idea to check your supplier. Make sure they are dealing in CBD that meets the legal requirement of 0.3% and in this way, safeguarding yourself against any legal penalties. It is also a good idea to brush up on your state laws and local restrictions when it comes to selling CBD infused products. Even now some municipalities have harsh regulations on CBD products.

4: Do They Have Certificates of Analysis (COA)?

Before doing any business with a CBD wholesaler, you should first ask for the COA. These documents can provide insight as to how the hemp was grown and how it was later processed. If a company fails to provide a COA it is best to leave them alone and move on as this is a good indicator that their CBD may break the legal limit or is of inferior quality. Many reputable CBD suppliers will willingly show their COAs and anyone who does not should raise a red flag.

3: Are They Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) Certified?

It is important that you deal with facilities that are GMP certified as this means you will get the best product possible. GMP is a standard set forth, which means manufacturers follow a high standard of quality control and cleanliness. Be sure to ask your wholesaler if they are GMP certified to be sure you are getting the highest quality product possible.

Organic Practices Vegan Organic CBD Products Tested Certified

2: Are they Organic, Non-GMO, Pesticide-Free, and Vegan?

Another thing to look out for is organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and vegan CBD products. Many customers are seeking products like this as they are not only good for the earth, but also good for the body. Carrying products that meet these requirements also caters to a wider range of customers and business types. For example, a CBD infused gummy that is organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and vegan easily finds its way into a smoke shop but also a bike shop as an excellent muscle recovery tool.

1: Are they Vertically Integrated?

What is vertically integrated farming? Why does it matter? Vertically integrated is a process where the hemp is grown on or very close to the processing facility where the finished product is produced. Essentially, it means that the facility controls everything from planting the seed to harvesting, extracting, and ultimately you eat a gummy or taking a dab. Vertically integrated means you are getting the best CBD products at the best prices available. You are buying from the source, meaning there is no middleman to deal with.

Looking For CBD Wholesale?

When you are looking for CBD wholesale look for a vertically integrated farm as they will generally create some of the best CBD products from the finest hemp grown under the sun. A vertically integrated operation will ensure that they control the production process from seed to oil which ensures they are producing the best CBD products for their customers at the best wholesale prices.


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