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Eagle moon hemp

What Makes Us Different

At Eagle Moon Hemp we believe in seeing a process through from start to finish. Our operations begin with planting the highest quality seeds, selecting the best of the harvest, resulting in the highest quality CBD products. We make it easy for distributors, stores, and reseller clients to increase revenue. From our organic farm practices to the in-lab gold standard, we are committed to quality CBD products.

From our family to yours we are committed to transparency in formulating products with minimal and wholesome ingredients that effectively support our clients and their health needs.

Image of Eagle Moon Hemp Farmers
Eagle Moon Hemp CBD Lab Techs Working with Distillate

Our Culture

We are as focused on people as we are on products. From seed to oil, we work collaboratively to maintain our purpose – centered on integrity, respect, transparency, communication, diversity, performance, and hard work. We strive to maintain open communication about the services and products we provide. Eagle Moon Hemp is at the forefront of the CBD industry, standard setting, customer service and innovation.

Our Principles

We give you the opportunity to connect your daily work to a broader social purpose by creating products utilizing good farming practices. We enjoy our day-to-day tasks knowing that our innovative creations are safe for our community. With our competent and connected team, we maintain industry standards providing consistent and effective plant-derived nutrients.

Be Kind

Think Big


Embrace Compliance

100% Customer Satisfaction

Have Fun

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