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Why You Should Carry CBD Bath Bombs In Your Shop

Health and beauty CBD products have seen some of the most incredible growth in recent years. From being a small fringe product found in hippie shops and natural grocery stores to becoming nationally recognized and available almost everywhere. Many users of CBD skincare products have reported many benefits leading to increased popularity. One item in particular that has gained a huge following is CBD bath bombs. CBD bath bombs have not only been said to help improve the skin, but also to add an extra layer of calm and relaxation to bath time.

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What are CBD Bath Bombs?

Surely you have heard of CBD by now with it being everywhere and everyone talking about it. If not CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant. Cannabis is the same plant that marijuana comes from but its lesser-known cousin that is non-psychoactive is called hemp. Therefore CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is non-psychoactive but retains all of the beneficial aspects of cannabis. It has been reported to have therapeutic effects ranging from anxiety and depression relief to helping much more severe conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy, and cancer. Bath bombs are a mixture of ingredients that fizz when dropped into water. They are used to add color, bubbles, scent, or essential oils to bathwater. CBD bath bombs are a mixture of these two and take the fizzy bubbling bath bombs and infuse them with CBD.

Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

There are many reported benefits to CBD bath bombs. CBD itself has been shown to improve collagen production, it is an excellent moisturizer, helps blood circulation, reduces acne-prone skin, is anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals, enhances sleep, and improves stress. These qualities mixed with the already calming and helpful blend of ingredients in bath bombs create the ultimate in relaxing experiences. CBD bath bombs can take a soothing bath and take it to the next level by removing stress while adding many favorable healing properties to the skin.

CBD Bath Bombs Benefits

Who Uses CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bombs are most popular with women looking for the ultimate in skin relief. Although pretty much everyone who takes a bath has been turned on to the amazing restorative qualities of CBD bath bombs. They have grown in popularity over the past few years with their amazing ability to not only improve skin conditions tenfold, but also to add an extra layer of calming to the already calming bath time experience. This has put them onto the radar of anyone looking for improving their skin while enjoying a relaxing bath at home.

How to Use CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are simple to use. The ease of use has also led to another reason CBD bath bombs have become so popular in recent years. First, draw a bath of hot water and drop the bomb in. It will immediately begin to fizz and you can see it go to work. In just a few moments the bomb will dissolve infusing the bathwater with amazing scents, essential oils, and of course CBD. Once the bomb is in the water you can sit down and enjoy the healing properties right then and there. It is best to use hot water as the hot water allows your skin to absorb the CBD more efficiently. It is also recommended that you spend at least 30 minutes soaking in the water, giving the CBD and other ingredients enough time to really work their magic.

Why You Should Add CBD Bath Bombs To Your Lineup

CBD bath bombs are getting more and more popular every single day. Even people who would have normally shied away from CBD because it comes from the cannabis plant have seen or heard about the amazing supposed benefits. This is in part to major beauty chains carrying CBD products, showing it is not just a fringe product anymore and has some real value to it. By adding CBD bath bombs you can add a product that many people are now actively seeking out.

Looking for Wholesale CBD Bath Bombs?

If you are looking to add CBD bath bombs to your current product lineup then buying in bulk is a great idea. By buying CBD bath bombs in bulk you are getting the best prices and ensuring you will have enough in stock when a customer is looking for a large order. 

Not all CBD products are created equal. therefore its important to find a manufacturer that can control every step of the process from the sowing of the seeds, the growth of the hemp, the extraction of the CBD, and the production of the final product. With this level of involvement, you can be sure they are offering the best CBD products possible and offering them to you at great prices. 

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