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Eating CBD Gummy

End Confusion About CBD Dosing

Dosing CBD is far from an exact science. Even as researchers learn about CBD absorption, it’s unlikely there will    ever be a universal CBD dosage. Everybody has a different metabolism, which means CBD won’t affect us all in the same way. Chances are, the CBD levels that work for you will differ from your family, friends, and co-workers.

Dosing CBD will always involve some trial and error, but there are a few strategies customers could use to better assess their dosage requirements. For instance, it’s best to start with a mild product like CBD gummies. Compared with CBD tinctures and hemp flowers, gummies have a subtler effect—hence a lower risk of side effects. Discovering your preferred CBD gummy dosage will give you a solid base before moving to more potent hemp products.

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So, What’s The Best Way To Dose CBD Gummies?

Before you eat your first CBD gummy, we’d encourage you to create a CBD dosage journal. It doesn’t matter whether you use a Microsoft Document, Excel file, or a good old pen and paper. The important thing is that you keep good notes of your daily CBD dosage.

Every day, write what brand of CBD gummies you took, when you took them, and how many milligrams you ate. Before going to bed, be sure to record any noteworthy effects you experienced. Did these gummies make you feel relaxed, sleepy, or nothing at all? The more details you list, the easier it’ll be to figure out your ideal CBD dosage.

Whenever you’re trying a new CBD product, it’s best to start with the manufacturer’s minimum recommended dose and slowly work your way up. Keep increasing in ~ 10 mg increments until you notice the effects you’re looking for.

If you notice any side effects at a particular dose, please take a break from CBD for a few days. When you’re ready to try CBD gummies again, resume at a slightly lower amount.

For more details on taking CBD gummies, please visit Eagle Moon Hemp’s edibles portfolio.

Could You OD On CBD Gummies?

Because CBD is non-intoxicating, some hemp fans mistakenly believe it’s impossible to overdose on this cannabinoid. While unlikely, it’s possible CBD could have serious side effects in high enough doses. Most scientists believe CBD’s lethal dose is close to 20,000 mg for healthy adults, but that doesn’t mean you should be heedless when dosing hemp—especially CBD gummies.

Unlike CBD tinctures or hemp flowers, CBD gummies take longer to pass the blood-brain barrier. Since people don’t feel CBD gummies’ effects immediately, it’s common for them to take too many edibles early on and pay consequences later in the day.

If you take too much CBD, you’ll probably experience one of the following side effects:

  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Headache

There are a few case studies where patients had to go to the ER after eating dozens of CBD gummies. Often, these patients suffered from severe dehydration due to excessive vomiting or diarrhea.

Yes, these cases are rare, but they can happen if you aren’t serious about carefully dosing your CBD. Taking the time to record your average CBD dosage and gradually building your tolerance will decrease the risk of severe side effects.

Is Dosing CBD Gummies The Same As Other CBD Products?

New customers must know that CBD’s potency will change depending on what product you’re using. Although CBD molecules are the same in tinctures, flowers, and edibles, each product has unique absorption rates. Therefore, you can’t transfer your preferred CBD gummy dose to all hemp extracts.

Generally, you need more CBD in gummy form to have the same effect as a tincture, hemp flower, or vape juice. As mentioned above, your liver has to break down gummies before CBD enters your bloodstream. By contrast, smokable and vapable CBD goes directly into your lungs. CBD tinctures also have a near 100 percent absorption rate when you put them on your tongue’s sublingual glands.

So, if you’re thinking about experimenting with non-edible CBD products, be sure to create a new journal to track your daily doses. Although this may seem tedious, it’s the only way to figure out how much CBD is right for you.

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Could A CBD Gummy’s Spectrum Influence Dosage?

Customers should also consider a CBD extract’s spectrum when evaluating their daily dosage. A few studies suggest products with extra cannabinoids and terpenes may have a more substantial impact versus CBD isolate powders. Apparently, these secondary hemp compounds support CBD, thus increasing the cannabinoid’s effectiveness. Scientists who support this theory call it the “entourage effect.”

There’s still a lot of debate over the “entourage effect,” but some people claim they need less full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD versus CBD isolate. Customers should keep this in mind as they evaluate their CBD dosage.

If you’re not sure which CBD spectrum is right for you, you may want to read Eagle Moon Hemp’s previous blog on CBD isolate.

Give Eagle Moon Hemp’s CBD Dosage Calculator A Try!

Are you still confused about CBD dosing? Eagle Moon Hemp is here to help!

Recently, our team of hemp experts put together a free, personalized CBD Dosage Calculator. After entering basic info like your weight, target condition, and symptom severity, you’ll see our recommended daily CBD dosage. You could even use our online calculator to figure out ideal CBD doses for cats, dogs, and horses!

Please note: Eagle Moon Hemp’s CBD Dosage Calculator isn’t intended to diagnose or treat any disease. It’s always best to speak with a registered doctor before adding any CBD supplement to your daily routine. CBD could interact with prescription medications, so be sure to ask your physician for guidance if you have any specific questions.

If you’d like to test our CBD Dosage Calculator, please follow this link.

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