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Is It Legal Wholesale Or Consume CBD In Japan & Asia?

Is CBD Legal In Japan & Asia To Wholesale Or Consume?

CBD has taken the self-care industry by storm in the United States. It has transformed from a rather small industry of just around 200 million into a phenomenon expected to hit $20 billion in the year 2020. As a result, it can be found almost everywhere from the convenience store on the corner to the beauty supply store to the local grocery chain. Many millions of Americans now take CBD daily for a wide variety of ailments from the relatively benign to the seriously life-threatening. It is quickly becoming a common word for many people and quickly removing the stigma that is often associated with products derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The same can be said for many countries around the world. As CBD gains more and more popularity, many are jumping on board and making it accessible to their people. For instance, in Switzerland and many parts of Europe, hemp flower can readily be purchased in many shops, especially those geared towards tourists. You may even be asking yourself, is CBD legal in Japan and other parts of Asia? Read on to find out how markets in Asia are handling the hemp dilemma.

cbd legal japan

Is CBD Legal in Japan?

In countries that have legalized CBD, there is a general framework that is often followed. However, the Asian CBD market is extremely unique, especially when compared to others. For instance, CBD is illegal to purchase or possess in mainland China or Hong Kong even though most of the CBD products sold around the globe are produced in China. In Japan, things are done a tad differently. For instance, CBD is legal in Japan, but it does have to conform to a strict set of rules to keep it within the unique legal regulations. In general, the rules in Japan are much different than in China. In fact, Japan is in the middle of a CBD boom! Considering this, you may be wondering how does CBD legality in Japan work and can I wholesale CBD to Japan?

Japan CBD Laws

CBD has been fully legal in Japan since 2016. However, if you intend to take any CBD products into the country for any reason, be sure to read the fine print of the law. THC in all circumstances is 100% illegal in Japan. This means that products with trace amounts of THC (0.2% to 0.4%) that are acceptable in most countries where CBD is legal are not in Japan. Traveling to Japan with a product that contains any amount of THC could be classified as drug trafficking. This is expectedly a charge that most people do not want to deal with or incur. Whether homegrown or imported, CBD products like CBD oil, CBD edibles, and CBD lotions available for purchase in Japan are all totally 100% THC free.

CBD Revolution In Japan

Generally, if something is trendy in the US then it is safe to assume that it is wildly popular in Japan. The same can be said for the CBD revolution that has been sweeping the globe. The CBD market in Japan is said to be growing 100% year after year and has gained the eye of many CBD producers. CBD specific shops have been popping up all over the country and it can even be found in cafes offering CBD infused coffee and mini markets with CBD infused iced teas and other drinks. CBD is highly accessible in Japan, but due to strict THC laws, it is advisable to only consume products bought within the country itself and if you are looking to wholesale CBD to Japan make sure the product is 0 THC!

cbd laws asia

Laws In Other Asian Countries

Asia is a patchwork and a legal nightmare when it comes to the legalities of CBD and hemp-infused products especially when your looking to wholesale CBD to Asia. From being completely legal in Japan to a doctor being handed the death sentence for giving CBD products to his patients in Malaysia. These are two completely different ends of the spectrum showcasing how confusing it can be to navigate CBD laws in Asia. If you are located, or plan to travel, around Asia be sure to know the laws of each country and do not buy anything unless you know for sure it is legal to do so. That goes for anything derived from the cannabis plant as laws significantly vary from region to region.

CBD Wholesale Asia

If you are looking for CBD wholesale in Asia or CBD wholesale in Japan then be sure to diligently check the rules and regulations of that particular region. You will need to be sure to find a supplier that offers a wide variety of products that conform to the CBD wholesale Japan market in addition to many other Asian countries. For example, products like 100% THC free CBD distillate and CBD isolate conform to the legalities of the Japanese market. Additionally, products that are also 100% THC free are things like CBD muscle rubs, CBD salves, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD hand, and body lotions, CBD bath bombs, and most CBD pet products should comply. THC-free CBD products can be safely imported, possessed, and sold in Japan and many other countries that legally allow CBD. If you have any doubts be sure to check out the products you are considering COAs that should be readily available when dealing with any reputable supplier. 

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