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Join Our CBD Private Label Program

Eagle Moon Hemp is proud to announce its CBD Private Label Program! Our Private Label program is the premier option for making your business stand out and create an instantly recognizable brand with one built from the ground up. It is perfect for businesses with a large budget for research and development or one that already has the perfect recipe they need to be replicated. If you are looking to start your own CBD brand from the ground up, then our Private Label program might be just what you are looking for. Read on to find out more about our Private Label program, its benefits, and how to sign up for it.

Sign Up Now!

Signing up for our Private Label program is as easy as filling out an online form. After which we will reach out to you to discuss the options we have available. We are happy to help create the best products that fit your needs, your customers, and most importantly your budget. Our products are made with love on our vertically integrated farm using the best growing practices and state of the art extraction techniques for a superior product. With Eagle Moon Hemp on your side, you can be sure that you are getting top-notch products and customer service. If you have any questions be sure to swing by our contact us page or give us a call at (575)546-0875. We look forward to hearing from you, helping you, and growing together!

Partner Tiering Levels

We offer a variety of partner tiering levels, making it easy for your business to jump on board while fitting your budget.

Business Partner – our most basic level is $500 to $2500 in monthly CBD product investment that works out to about 20 to 100 CBD wholesale products. These are premium products with high margins that often average two times the initial monthly investment. In addition, we also offer training and support, white-labeled COAs at $35 each, a white label branding package for $997, and a custom website for $3,000. The cost of the branding package will be reimbursed with CBD products if the gold tier is reached for three consecutive months. Additionally, a 24-month signed contract will need to be in place for the custom website, however that cost will be reimbursed in CBD product if the gold tier is met for 12 consecutive months.

Silver Tier – represents a $2500 to $10,000 monthly CBD product investment that represents about 100 to 400 products per month. They are the same premium products as the business partner tier with high margins, training, and support. In this relationship, the white-labeled COAs are free of charge and the cost of packaging rebranding has dropped to $649 which can be reimbursed in CBD products after 3 consecutive months at the gold level. A custom website will still run you $3,000 and a 24-month signed contract, however that cost could be recouped with 12 consecutive months at the gold level.

Gold Tier – is loaded with benefits to help your business soar. It takes your monthly CBD product investment of $10,000 to $25,000 which represents 400 to 1,000 products. This tier offers the same premium products with high margins as the other tiers as well as training and support, white-labeled COAs at no extra cost, free branding packaging, a 5% quantity break, free event vouchers, special access to new innovative products first, as well as a custom website at no additional cost.

Platinum Tier – is our best program to ensure that your business takes off and becomes one of the best brands in the CBD industry. With a monthly CBD product investment of over $25,000 equating to over 1,000 products, this option is loaded with benefits that will save you money and time. Everything in the gold tier is in the platinum tier including premium products with high margins, training and support, free white-labeled COAs, branding packaging at no cost, free event vouchers, access to new products first, a custom website absolutely free, and a 10% quantity break. Ask about our platinum tier to get the most out of our business partnership.

In addition, access to a partner portal making it easy to manage your account with us is on the way.

What Is The Difference Between Private Label and White Label?

What is Private Label? What is White Label? And how do these programs differ from just buying a CBD product at wholesale and selling it yourself? Some will use Private Label and White Label interchangeably, however there are major differences between the two. The biggest difference is who exactly specifies what the final product will contain. With a Private Label relationship, the buyer ultimately controls the design, ingredients, parts, or offerings. On the other hand, a White Label relationship means that the manufacturer controls the design, ingredients, parts, or offerings, however the manufacturer may offer a range of customization options for the buyer to choose from. This might sound confusing, but do not worry, it is not and will make more sense below.

What Is Private Label?

Private Label programs are perfect for those companies that have a larger budget and want a truly unique product. Every aspect of a Private Label product is controlled by the buyer. It is manufactured under a contract using a third-party manufacturer, but then is ultimately sold under your brand name. The buyer has complete control over the final product, including how it’s packaged, what ingredients are used, and how the final design of the label looks. In most cases, you would pay, the desired products are manufactured, and then they are shipped to your warehouse or store. However, sometimes some companies will house and even drop ship it to your customers for you. Once your product is produced you are then able to sell it out of your shop directly to the consumer or to other wholesalers.

Pros of Private Label

Every aspect of a Private Label product is controlled by you the buyer. This means that the ingredients, packaging, quantity available, and everything else are directly controlled by you or your business. The product is to your exact specifications, ensuring that it is unique to your business and cannot be reproduced or offered elsewhere unless you say so. Additionally, 100% of the ingredients are controlled by you meaning that you can choose only the best components that make up the final product. You also control 100% of the appearance of the final product and the packaging. This ensures that your brand is exactly what you dreamed of and you will get the much-desired brand recognition that your business deserves. Private Label programs are often worth the extra cost as it will set you apart from the pack with a truly different product.


  • Product is to your exact specifications
  • You control 100% of the product ingredients
  • You get the much-desired brand recognition
  • You control the appearance and packaging
  • 100% unique product that cannot be found elsewhere

Cons of Private Label

There are some drawbacks to a Private Label program. The most critical of those being that a Private Label program is often a significantly higher cost than that of a White Label program. This can mean it is harder for small businesses such as smoke shops and small health food stores to get in on the action. It is also very difficult to do without proper research and development which can also drive the overall cost of the end product up. Without an existing design or recipe Private Label programs can be hard to deliver. Finally, it often takes much longer to bring the final product to market when compared to something like a White Label program or a traditional wholesale program.


  • Oftentimes considerably more expensive than a white label program
  • You cannot do it without your product design and recipe
  • It often takes a much longer time to bring a product to market
  • Research and development costs are usually much higher

Build Your Business

A Private Label program can be a great way to build your business by creating an entire CBD brand from the ground up. Build a brand that reflects the unique culture of your area, cater to a specific niche such as fitness, or simply turn your current business into an in house brand. Grow your business into the future with our Private Label program today!