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THe Best CBD Distributor or wholesaler is The Product manufacturer

The Best CBD Wholesaler Is The Product Manufacturer

CBD has become a widespread phenomenon in the past few years. From a small start in smoke shops and hippie health food stores, it has exploded onto the scene. It can now be found almost everywhere with a foothold in many different types of stores from gas stations to local grocery chains to big-box beauty supply stores. CBD is also infused into almost every product you can think of from beverages and edibles to lip balms and skincare products. Many people who would not have gone anywhere near cannabis products are now using CBD to help with a massive assortment of conditions and ailments ranging from the relatively mild to the seriously life-threatening. In fact, many industry experts are calling the CBD boom America’s next “gold rush” with an anticipated $20 billion in annual revenue for the year 2020. If you have been thinking of starting your own CBD based business or carrying CBD products at your current shop then now is the time. Read on to find out more about this amazing product that is taking over the world and how Eagle Moon Hemp is the CBD product manufacturer you have been looking for. If you have been thinking about becoming a CBD wholesaler or CBD distributor then this article is for you!

Why Sell CBD In Your Store?

Why Sell CBD?

No matter what kind of business you own or operate CBD could be a great addition to your current lineup. Perhaps you have thought about starting your own business that focuses solely on CBD products. Better yet, maybe you have contemplated becoming a CBD wholesaler or a CBD distributor yourself and supplying to local businesses and beyond. Whether your dreams are smaller in scale or a large enterprise CBD is an excellent product to get involved in. Many companies are cropping up throughout the country and around the world. These companies are creating jobs and stimulating the economy while making many people rich. CBD products are an excellent way to make money as well as get into a cool subculture that focuses on health and well being. That’s right! Not only is CBD a product, but it is also a lifestyle. In fact, an awesome reason to carry CBD in your shop is so you can use it yourself and spread awareness. Find out why it has become so popular and why millions swear by it!

Why Use Eagle Moon Hemp?

We here at Eagle Moon Hemp are proud to offer the highest quality CBD products in the US. Our products are produced using the finest quality ingredients and with the utmost care. With our vertically integrated farm, we have the luxury of controlling every single step of the process from planting the seeds to creating the final product. This gives us the utmost control and means that we can manufacture our products in 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, and pesticide-free facilities. Our hemp is grown on-site with love and a healthy dosage of New Mexican sunshine. On top of that, we use the crown jewel of extraction processes known as CO2 supercritical extraction. When you buy from us you can be sure you are receiving superior quality CBD products that our competitors cannot match.

Wholesale and White Label Program

From 10 to 1000

Whether you need 10 or 1000 we have got you covered. As one of the largest CBD products manufacturers in the southwestern United States, we are able to produce in large quantities. This means no matter if you are looking for a little or for a lot, then we have got what you need. Not only do we have everything you need, but we also will be ready with more when that time comes.

Contact Us!

If you are looking for a CBD products manufacturer to outfit your business with the right CBD products then be sure to reach out to us. We are ready to supply your business with a huge assortment of premium CBD products in any amount that you desire. This includes CBD Crude Oil, CBD Distillate, CBD Isolate, CBD Crumble, CBD Wax, CBD Hemp Flower, CBD topicals, CBD Anti-Aging Cream, CBD Gummies, CBD pet products, and so many more! If you do not see the CBD product you are looking for then contact us by email at [email protected] or call us at (575)546-0875 and see if we can help you find it. If you are looking for the best CBD products at the best prices on the market, then be sure to give us a holler! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the best products for you and your business.

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