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CBD Tinctures vs CBD Oil

CBD Tinctures vs CBD Oil: Similarities and Differences

CBD has become very popular lately. With that growth in popularity, there’s now a wider variety of CBD products than ever. Two CBD products you may enjoy are CBD tinctures and CBD oil. But what’s the difference between the two products and what do they have in common? Let’s explore.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is generally a blend of CBD extract and a carrier oil like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The manufacturers of CBD oil pull CBD extract from the Cannabis sativa plant using CO2 extraction and diffuse that extract with the carrier oil.

In the case of full-spectrum CBD oils, manufacturers also add other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids to make the CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oils may still have up to 0.3 percent THC content, meaning users might benefit from the entourage effect.

What is a CBD tincture?

CBD tinctures are similar to CBD oils, but instead of being mixtures of CBD extract and oil, they’re mixtures of CBD extract and alcohol.

To create CBD tinctures, manufacturers soak hemp material in high-proof alcohol and heat it at a low level for a prolonged period. As the hemp materials heat in the alcohol, the alcohol gets infused with CBD molecules. The manufacturers then boil off the alcohol, creating a liquid CBD extract. The finished product is made of this CBD extract and high-proof alcohol or alcohol and water solution. 

What is CBD Tincture

CBD Oil vs. Tincture: Differences and How to Choose

People often use the terms CBD oil and CBD tinctures interchangeably, but they’re not the same.

The main difference between CBD oils and CBD tinctures is what the CBD extract is mixed with to create the final product. CBD oils combine CBD extract with a carrier oil while CBD tinctures mix CBD extract and alcohol together.

There’s also a clear difference in how CBD is extracted from the plant. With CBD oils, the CBD is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant using a CO2 extraction method. By contrast, the CBD extract found in CBD tinctures is extracted using high-proof alcohol as a solvent.

Another difference between the two products is the potency level. Both CBD oils and CBD tinctures can vary in potency, but in general, CBD oils have a higher potency level than CBD tinctures. CBD tinctures tend to have a longer shelf life, though.

The flavor is yet another difference between CBD oils and CBD tinctures. The exact flavors of the CBD oils and tinctures will depend on which products you buy, but CBD tinctures tend to taste better when they have added flavorings. Naturally, CBD tinctures taste bitter and pungent but manufacturers usually add flavors to cover this and make them more enjoyable. CBD oils can taste very strongly like hemp but are less bitter. 

If you have any allergies to the sources of popular carrier oils like coconut, it’s probably a good idea to choose CBD tinctures over CBD oils. If instead, you’re sensitive to alcohol, CBD oil is probably the better option.

How you intend to use the CBD will help you choose which product to buy, too. If you want to apply CBD topically, you should get CBD oil or other CBD product. You should avoid using tinctures directly on your skin.

At this point, it’s also much easier to find CBD oils than CBD tinctures. Even some products that are labeled CBD tinctures are actually CBD oils. To be sure of what you’re buying, make sure to carefully read the ingredient list or ask the retailer for more information.

Is one better than the other?

Both products have their pros and cons. Neither is better than the other. The right choice for you will simply depend on your personal preferences and goals. 

The pros of using CBD oils include:

  • Choosing and administering your dose is simple
  • You can use CBD oil topically
  • You can mix CBD oil with food and beverages for more convenient ingestion
  • CBD oils generally don’t have too many extra ingredients
  • You have a wide variety of flavor and potency options with CBD oil


The pros of using CBD tinctures, on the other hand, include:

  • Takes effect very quickly when used sublingually
  • Choosing and administering your dose is simple
  • You can add CBD tinctures to food or drinks

How do you take CBD oils and tinctures?

CBD Oil and Tincture

You have several options for how to use CBD oils and tinctures.

With CBD oils, one option is to drop the oil onto your tongue and swallow it. Using this method, the oil may take up to two hours to take effect, though. You can also add CBD oil to your food or drink and consume it that way.

Another option you have to use CBD oils is to apply them topically. Applying the CBD oil right onto your skin offers a variety of benefits, but it probably won’t produce a full-body effect like other methods.

You can use both CBD oils and CBD tinctures sublingually. With this method, you simply drop some of the CBD oil or tincture under your tongue and it will start absorbing into your bloodstream. This method will lead to the fastest results with CBD tinctures.

Finding a high-quality CBD oil or tincture

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