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If your looking at making your own CBD products our CBD Isolate make for the perfect easy to use raw CBD material.

Eagle Moon Hemp is here to help you with all your wholesale CBD Isolate needs! When you order from  our company you will get Isolate that is of a consistent high quality for resale or to use in producing your own CBD products our Isolate is a perfect solution with reasonable pricing. Being fully vertically  integrated gives us the ability to not just provide you with bulk CBD Isolate powder but we can also provide you with distillate or raw crude. Our extract lab can also do any extraction you need for you if you have your own hemp biomass.

Benefits of Our CBD Isolate

What truly sets us apart from the rest of the CBD Isolate on the market is our quality control from the farm to the technique we apply at the processing stage to achieve consistent potency. Our company is one of the few wholesalers in the country that are fully vertically integrated from soil to oil. Our farmers come from an extensive background of at least three generations of farming green chiles, onions, and many other crops. They have quickly caught on to proficiently farming hemp. Our extract lab, located just off the farm, is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows our lab techs to process our hemp in a very clean and effective way that ensures potency as well as giving us the ability to produce large quantities of CBD powder. Most importantly, all of our CBD isolates and CBD products are always backed with a third-party COA’s that show full panel test and full traceability.

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How is CBD Isolate Made?

We here at Eagle Moon Hemp Farms take pride in bringing you the best CBD isolate wholesale or retail on the market. We take our decades of experience in farming and extensive research to produce the best hemp the New Mexican sun and soil can bring you. With our industry-leading practices, we turn that hemp into excellent CBD isolate and other CBD products. Whether you are searching to buy wholesale products to start your own CBD business or just looking for a retail product to see if CBD is right for you. Eagle Moon Hemp Farms has the CBD product you are looking for in large quantities so when you need more we have it in stock. If you have any questions or comments concerning our CBD isolate for sale, how it is made, what are the effects, how to order in bulk,or how to take it do not hesitate to ask us. We love to hear from our customers and to assist them in finding the perfect product for all their CBD needs.

Raw hemp CBD biomass is sent through our extraction process which removes the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant. After the initial extraction, we are left with what is known as a CBD crude which is then further processed into distillate and then goes thru a winterization process. This distillate will then be sold or made into other CBD products, but some of it we put through an additional process known as crystallization. With this technique, we remove all the other compounds by mixing and heating until we have a homogeneous mixture. This mixture is then cooled, and the CBD crystals drop out of the cannabinoid-rich solution. The final product being a  form which is 99% pure CBD powder.

CBD Crystal Isolate

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What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless form of CBD. Pure CBD isolate has the appearance of freshly fallen snow and sparkles with a radiance. CBD isolate is 99% pure cannabidiol and has no other flavonoids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids from the plant. It is the most basic and purest form of CBD on the market. CBD isolate is very potent and very powerful with no noticeable side effects, making it an awesome way to get into CBD for those who have yet to try.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

Zero THC level is the biggest benefit to a CBD isolate. Those looking to get into taking advantage of the qualities that CBD may posses without the fear of having THC in their system will love CBD powder. It packs all the same punch as a traditional CBD oil or tincture, in fact, it is generally stronger than those methods, but with zero detectable THC. It also benefits from the many methods of consumption consumers report that it can be taken sublingually (under the tongue), inhaled, ingested, smoked, mixed into food or drink, or even mixed into skin care products. The fact that it is odorless and tasteless makes it an obvious choice for many people who dislike CBD for those reasons. Also, as mentioned before with its purity CBD isolate is much easier to use for dosing than other methods of CBD consumption.

CBD Powder

Whether new to taking CBD or a veteran, you may have heard about CBD isolate and wondered just exactly what it is. Do not worry our company is here to help you with that! With the growing popularity of CBD, it is no wonder there are many different ways to make and to take it. Not only do we make some of the best CBD products in the industry, but we also strive to give our customers more in the form of the best education on just exactly what CBD is, how it is made, and how to take it. In this section, we will discuss CBD isolate, talk about its benefits, and how it is made.

How to Use CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate can be used in many of the same ways as other CBD products such as tinctures or oils. The main advantage of an isolate is the purity and the lack of odor or taste. CBD isolate can be mixed with food or drink or can just be taken on its own. It is a great option for those who do not like the smell or taste of an oil or tincture. It can also be mixed with just about anything such as a lotion or shampoo and can lead to a whole host of homemade CBD products. This can be great for someone who likes to experiment with different ways of taking CBD. Another great aspect of CBD isolate is that since it is so pure it is easy to take the correct dose and to maintain that dose once found what works for you. Isolate is a very versatile and simple way of taking CBD without the taste or smell of more traditional methods.

A Variety of Hemp Isolates

Eagle Moon Hemp not only offers CBD Isolate but also CBG Isolate and CBN Isolate.  Contact us for more information on how to utilize wholesale Isolate.

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