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If you need hemp biomass whether its  CBD biomass or hemp fiber Eagle Moon  Hemp can help you solve all your biomass needs as well as do any extraction in our extract lab! Biomass from hemp has so many uses that it is quickly becoming a sought after commodity for many uses. We keep large amount of biomass on hand that we use for our own production needs. It is also available for wholesale to anyone that needs quality biomass for their own purposes. If you need biomass in bulk please contact one of our experts about your needs and let us help you get right biomass for your needs!

Why Hemp Is Such A Great Product?

Hemp is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants, requires very little care and is adaptable to most climates which has therefore led to many farmers jumping onto this cash crop. Every part of the plant is beneficial in one way or another. From the seeds to the flowers and the stalks themselves a myriad of products can be made ranging from foods all the way to building materials and almost everything in between. With a very quick seed to maturity of about 120 days, hemp is also quick to grow and be brought to market. Hemp also can be grown with little to no pesticides or herbicides and in fact, also helps to reinvigorate the soil with nutrients, helping to grow other crops in the process of rotation. All of this leads to a profitable plant that helps in more ways than it harms. Many farmers are just beginning to realize this potential and the world is once again embracing this plant with a 10,000-year-old history.

CBD Biomass​

Now that you know just exactly what hemp is we can talk about what biomass is. Biomass can refer to two very different parts of the plant we use to process what we want from it. The first of which is called CBD Biomass and refers to the hemp flower or buds of the plant. The flowers, rich in CBD are removed and put through an extraction process which is how we obtain cbd crude oil. From here a variety of CBD products can be further distilled from the crude oil and will find their way into oils, isolates, creams, edibles, and a wide variety of CBD infused products. CBD products are the hot ticket item these days and most growers now focus on this type of industry, but once the CBD is extracted the usefulness of hemp does not stop there.

Hemp Fiber Biomass

The second biomass is what we call Hemp Fiber Biomass and is composed of what is separated prior to the cbd extraction process and contains waste plant material such as leaves, stalks, and stems. Hemp produces more fiber than any other type of plant on earth and these fibers can be made into clothing, rope, paper, plastics and can even be made into concrete that then can be built into structures. One of the more exciting uses of hemp biomass is in the field of biofuels. Plants store energy from the sun, which can later be unlocked into fuels using biological digestion or chemical decomposition. Obtaining fuels from plants is one-way humans are lessening their dependence on nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuels. With fast growth rates, resistance to diseases and drought, and high yields hemp is quickly becoming a plant with thousands of uses beneficial to humans in restoring our balance with nature around us.

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The Hemp & Marijuana Industries Are Booming!

The hemp and marijuana industries are booming! As a result, you have probably heard the words flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabidiol, more commonly called CBD. You may have also heard the words, hemp biomass and thought to yourself what is that? We are here to help you and make sense of just exactly what biomass is but first let us talk a little about the magical plant called Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis Sativa is the scientific name of a species of plant thought to be native to Asia. It has been used for millennia, dating back to around 10,000 years ago with its first recorded use. It has historically been used to make all sorts of things such as rope, paper, and textiles. In recent decades, Cannabis Sativa has gained a bad reputation, as it does contain the psychoactive cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabinol more frequently called THC. Because of this, it has found its way to being illegal or banned in most countries throughout the world.

Cannabis Sativa in recent years has been shown to have many uses beyond just the psychoactive most notably being medical applications. As well as an abundance of medical applications the plant itself is experiencing another Renaissance in its application to building materials, textiles, foodstuffs, and biofuel. Cannabis Sativa has two main variants, the popular one being marijuana, which is generally high in THC containing about 15 to 40%. The other lesser-known is called simply hemp or industrial hemp and in most cases has a content of less than 1% THC, but being rich in another cannabinoid known as cannabidiol or more popularly CBD. Since hemp is low in THC, but high in other beneficial compounds such as CBD, it falls in the realm of legal within most countries and has seen an uptick in its production and usage. In the United States in 2018 with the passage of the Hemp Farming Act, it became legal for American farms to once again grow this miracle crop.

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