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What Is CBN & What Is A Good Dosage?

CBD has become one of the hottest trends in self-care and beauty in recent years. It has exploded in popularity with many millions of people around the globe using it every day to treat a wide variety of symptoms associated with both minor and major ailments. Almost everyone these days has heard of CBD and is either using it themselves or knows somebody who is. However, CBD is just one of many cannabinoids found within the hemp plant. There are many others, such as CBG, CBC, and CBN. Each one is thought to have its medicinal benefits and many manufacturers are now seeking to extract the lesser-known compounds for study and the benefit of the people. One that is gaining more attention as time goes by is that of CBN. Keep reading to find out more about it, how it can help you, and what the proper dosage is.

What is CBN?

CBN is the shortened version of the cannabinoid that is known as cannabinol. It is a non-intoxicating compound that is formed when THC ages and is usually found in larger percentages in older cannabis. To some this is undesirable, but others seek out older cannabis to enjoy the effects of CBN. While research is very limited on CBN and its effects in the body, preliminary studies have been very enticing. Look below to find out some of the potential benefits of CBN and why some manufacturers have begun to extract it from the hemp plant.

CBN’s Potential Benefits

Antibacterial: some studies have suggested that CBN is a powerful antibacterial. When CBN was tested against antibiotic-resistant strains of MRSA it was found to be a powerful antibacterial agent. It is possible that CBN might be used one day to fight bacterial infections that regular antibiotics cannot heal.

Neuroprotectant: CBN has also shown promise for being a powerful neuroprotectant. In studies done using rodents, CBN was found to delay the onset of ALS and could become a potential treatment for the debilitating disease.

Appetite Stimulant: In other studies done using rodents CBN was shown to increase the amount that rats ate. This suggests that it could be a very powerful appetite stimulant. CBN could be an effective appetite stimulant for those looking for the munchies without the THC.

Glaucoma: CBN has also suggested evidence that it could be a good treatment for those suffering from glaucoma. In a study done on rabbits, it was shown to reduce intraocular pressure which is the leading cause of glaucoma. More research surely needs to be done, but it will be possible in the future that CBN could replace traditional medications for glaucoma sufferers.

Anti-inflammatory: CBN has also shown promise in being an effective and all-natural anti-inflammatory. It may even be capable of helping those that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis as it was shown to reduce arthritis in rodent studies.

How is CBN Different from CBD and CBG?

CBN shares a lot in common with CBD and CBG however, it is also very different at the same time. All three are cannabinoids that are located within the Cannabis Sativa or hemp plant and are very similar in molecular structure. They also seem to have some overlap in the potential benefits, especially for anti-inflammation. However, there are some key differences such as CBD is a powerful sleep aid, whereas CBN is not as effective as a sedative. Conversely CBN is a powerful appetite stimulant whereas CBD is not quite as powerful.

CBN Dosage

Part of the fun of cannabinoids is getting to know them. An experienced user will often be able to tell the subtle differences between things like CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN. One of the best ways to learn is to experiment and cannabinoids are perfect for that as they are not habit-forming and have little to no noticeable side effects. You can also refer to our CBD dosage calculator to get an idea of different dosages for different things. This means that you can confidently and safely try different dosages and see what works best. That being said, it is always best to start small and see what works for you. Many people report that when vaping CBN only about mg to 6mg is an effective dosage. However, if it is to be taken orally the dosage suggestions from users are often much higher and fall in the 4mg to 66mg range. These numbers could vary whether you are using a CBN extract with other cannabinoids present or a CBN isolate. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the CBN dosage and see what works best for you.

Where to Buy CBN?

Now that you know more about CBN maybe you are interested in adding it to your current CBD and cannabis regimen. Many CBD producers and suppliers are now starting to carry a wide variety of products made from hemp extracts. This not only includes CBD but also the minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN. Check with your favorite supplier and keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting products. CBN could be the next big thing to hit the market with its constantly expanding list of amazing benefits. 

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