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Understand how to buy the best cbd concentrates wholesale

Guide To Buying CBD Concentrates Wholesale

Over the past few years, CBD has gained a massive cult-like following around the globe. Millions of people use it daily for helping to relieve the symptoms associated with a wide variety of ailments. These include the relatively benign, such as chronic pain and anxiety, to the very serious, such as cancer and epilepsy. Many people are even taking it as a general health supplement and a preventative maintenance aid. This meteoric rise in popularity has led to an amazing variety of products now being offered at a massive array of stores. CBD used to only be found in smoke shops and hippie health food stores, but it has made its way into gyms, bike shops, grocery stores, beauty supply chains, and so many more! Perhaps you have considered carrying CBD in your business or better yet starting your line of CBD infused products. CBD concentrates are the perfect CBD product to carry or use in creating your line. If you are curious about CBD concentrate wholesale and how it can help you then be sure to read on. This guide to buying the best CBD concentrates at wholesale will help you find the best concentrates for your business and your needs.

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What Are CBD Concentrates?

CBD concentrates are just that, a concentrated form of CBD extract. When CBD is first extracted from the hemp plant it is what is known as CBD crude oil. This dark brown to black oil is about 40% CBD and contains all of the other compounds from the cannabis plant, including other cannabinoids, amino acids, essential acids, and flavonoids. CBD crude oil is then further refined using a variety of techniques into two main concentrated forms called CBD distillate and CBD isolate. CBD distillate comes in an assortment of types called full-spectrum (typically contains less than 0.3% THC but has all other compounds from the hemp plant present), broad-spectrum (has only trace amounts of THC while containing all the other compounds), and THC-free (depends on the manufacturer but is always 100% THC free but only sometimes contains other compounds). CBD distillate is often a golden brown and is usually around 80% CBD. CBD isolate on the other hand is a fine white powder that is around 99% pure CBD with none of the other compounds present in the hemp plant. It is perfect for those looking to create their products as it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Additionally, there are a variety of other specialty concentrates available on the market with various chemical makeups. These are CBD wax, CBD crumble, CBD diamonds, CBD shatter, and many more. If looking into these specialty compounds please be sure to check out our blog posts about them, their unique properties, and how they might fit into your lifestyle or business’s lineup. Another newer form of distillate that is gaining popularity is delta 8 distillate which has caused much controversy as products made from delta 8 as well as hhc distillate are gaining popularity, especially in states where marijuana legalization has not happened yet. THCp along with THC0 are also gaining market share as all of these distillates can be used to create hemp-derived products that have a psychological effect.

Five Things To Consider

When looking to purchase CBD concentrate in bulk volumes there are many factors to consider. Here are the top five to look out for not only when buying CBD concentrate wholesale but in general when buying any product made from hemp.

Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Pesticide Free: When seeking out a CBD concentrate supplier it is always a great idea to look for those who adhere to these standards. Not only will it ensure a superior product, but it will also ensure that your products are free from nasty chemicals and environmentally unfriendly practices.

Consistent Availability: Nothing is worse than finding a product you love only to have the supplier run out. When looking for CBD concentrate wholesale be sure to check out if the supplier can provide a consistent supply of your desired products.

Legal: This might seem like a no-brainer, but always make sure the CBD products from your supplier conform to the law. You do not want to get caught up in a shady business, transporting illegal CBD products.

COAs Provided: If in doubt about the legality or other claims, then ask to see the certificate of analysis. It is good practice to always check the COA no matter what. If the supplier does not readily supply these then it is best to head elsewhere. Any self-respecting CBD supplier will readily show these.

By ensuring these five simple rules you can weed out the sub-par companies and ensure that you and your customers are getting only the best products.

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