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Finding High-Quality Hemp Oil For Sale

When you are looking for hemp oil for sale what can you do to make the right decision when it comes to buying hemp oil? This may sound more intimidating than it is. There are several key things to look out for when buying hemp oil to ensure that you are getting the best and not wasting your money. With this simple how-to guide, we can help you determine if the hemp oil you are looking into purchasing is of high quality, free from toxic residues and heavy metals, and is safe for both you and your customers. Read on to find out what to look for when looking for hemp oil for sale.

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Organic Practices

The first and most important in our opinion is to look out for organic growing and production practices. Organic practices will ensure that only the least environmentally destructive and healthy techniques will be used but also materials and ingredients. By using organic you are ensuring that you and your customers are getting hemp oil that was grown ethically and with love.

Pesticide Free

This will ensure that no harmful pesticides are used in the growing phase of the hemp. What that means is that no toxic residues or dangerous chemicals will make it into the final product whether that be raw hemp, an extract, or a finished product. Pesticide-free is also better for the earth and reduces the impacts of our agriculture. By seeking pesticide-free hemp oil for sale you are getting the safest products available on the market.

Vegan Practices

Even if you are not vegan you can appreciate vegan practices. When a producer follows these guidelines, it helps to ensure that your products are not contaminated with or produced using animal byproducts. This is good for the environment and makes your products friendly to everyone. Looking for vegan practices while not essential will add value to the hemp oil you ultimately decide to purchase.

Hemp Oil Quality Being Tested In Lab

Hemp Oil Extraction Methods

There are three main extraction methods used to produce hemp oil for sale. These are solvent extraction, steam distillation, and CO2 supercritical extraction. Each one has its host of advantages and disadvantages. Solvent extraction is cheap and effective but can leave behind chlorophyll making the hemp oil taste bitter. Steam distillation is also inexpensive and straightforward however it requires more raw biomass to make the same amount of oil as other methods. CO2 supercritical extraction is considered the gold standard of extraction methods producing the highest quality hemp oil with minimal raw biomass, the main drawback is that it is more expensive than the other methods. When looking for hemp oil for sale these are important considerations to factor in. If looking for the best look for the one done using the CO2 supercritical extraction.

Vertically Integrated Farm

Another excellent thing to look out for, is where exactly does the raw biomass originate? Is it grown locally or out of the country? The best hemp oil for sale is going to come from producers that are what is known as vertically integrated operations. A vertically integrated farm controls every step of the process such as planting the seed, harvesting, trimming, curing, extracting, and creating final products. This is beneficial in many ways. It allows the producer to grow hemp to very specific and high standards using the best in organic, pesticide-free, and vegan practices. Then after the plants reach maturity they are handled by the same producer with the same level of care. This extends down into the final product giving you some of the best hemp oil that money can buy. Best of all when dealing with a vertically integrated farm you are bound to save money as no middleman is inflating the prices.

Production Capacity

Something else worth considering does the supplier have the capacity to provide you with the amount of hemp oil you are looking to buy. As with any business some producers are larger than others and can produce the right amount to service many customers and business’s needs. If you are looking for hemp oil for sale to stock in your business or use to create your lineup it is worth checking into if they can handle your volume of business. Nothing hurts more than to find an excellent product that you love only to find it consistently out of stock or discontinued.

Hemp Oil Quality

The most important thing by far to look out for is the quality. The above tips should help you determine that one pretty rapidly but always be sure to check out the COAs. Certificates of Analysis or COAs are an important way to determine the exact quality and composition of the hemp oil for sale. They can tell you a lot about how it was grown, how it was extracted, and the percentages of cannabinoids and other components. This is probably the most important thing to do in this guide. If you are not sure how to read a COA be sure to check out our blog post about it.

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