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HHC is a new hemp cannabinoid that is gaining a lot of popularity by hemp users. You can get high quality HHC wholesale or in bulk from Eagle Moon Hemp. We work tirelessly to bring you the best product made from this cannabinoid. Our current selection consists of HHC distillate, HHC Gummies and HHC cartridges. For details on how to purchase from us at wholesale please contact our sales staff to order in bulk. Now lets get into explaining this cannabinoid and what we know so far!

“Hexahydrocannabinol” is the super complex name for the fascinating hemp cannabinoid HHC. However, the science behind this cannabinoid isn’t all that complicated to understand. In fact, chances are you’ve bought foodstuffs that use the same chemical process that makes HHC molecules.

FAQs On HHC Extract

Although HHC isn’t a “natural” hemp cannabinoid like delta-8 THC or CBD, that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe to try. In fact, many customers who give HHC a trial run are impressed with its features. Anyone searching for a relaxed “head-rush” buzz should consider keeping some HHC on standby.

“Hexahydrocannabinol” is the super complex name for the fascinating hemp cannabinoid HHC. However, the science behind this cannabinoid isn’t all that complicated to understand. In fact, chances are you’ve bought foodstuffs that use the same chemical process that makes HHC molecules.

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What’s The Rundown On HHC?

As alluded to in the intro, HHC manufacturers use a widely-known chemical process in the food industry. If you didn’t already get the hint from this cannabinoid’s name, we’re talking about “hydrogenation.”

Yes, the same process that makes margarine and cooking oils last forever could be used on cannabinoids. And—surprise, surprise—hydrogenation makes HHC one of the longest-lasting cannabinoids.

Interestingly, scientists were already tinkering with HHC in the 1940s. In the past, these researchers transformed delta-9 THC into HHC because non-psychoactive cannabinoids weren’t as widely known. Today, most HHC products use hemp derived CBD as the starting cannabinoid because of its favorable legal status.

Without getting too technical, hydrogenation involves adding more hydrogen atoms to a particular product. Typically, chemists use a mixture of solvents to eliminate any double bonds and add hydrogen atoms in their place.

This uniform hydrogen structure makes HHC virtually impervious to degradation. Sure, HHC will devolve over time, but it won’t fade away as fast as non-hydrogenated cannabinoids. This long shelf-life is one of HHC’s key advantages, and it could prove especially useful as companies seek ways to make their cannabis products last longer.

How The Heck Is HHC Legal In The US?

Any cannabinoid that’s created in a lab has an aura of illegality. For instance, THC-O is linked with classified government tests, multiple home explosions, and wicked intensity. However, HHC doesn’t have a steamy backstory.

In fact, many people outside of the hemp industry still don’t know HHC exists. Therefore, it’s unlikely you’ll find any territories in the USA with HHC-specific bans—at least not yet.

True, some state legislators have introduced laws against popular hemp derived THC alternatives like delta-8 THC. So, if HHC becomes the “next big thing,” it could face increased pressure at the local level.

However, customers should remember the 2018 US Farm Bill only placed restrictions on delta-9 THC. If your HHC oils come from federally-legal hemp extract, they meet the US standards for legal hemp products.

For total security, consumers should review special hemp laws in their state before ordering HHC online. You should also work with a well-trusted hemp manufacturer that provides transparent third-party lab results with all of their extracts.

How Could Customers Take HHC?

We’ll admit: It’s trickier to find HHC-infused products compared with delta-8 or CBD. It may take a while for customers in the hemp space to discovers HHC’s unique properties. Hopefully, as demand increases for HHC, people should have an easier time customizing their HHC experience.

At the moment, most hemp vendors who get interested in HHC focus on vape pens, pods, or concentrates. These products provide users with a potent and fast-acting “high” that could cause lightheadedness if you’re unprepared. People who aren’t afraid to feel HHC’s full power should enjoy the e-juices in hemp shops like Eagle Moon Hemp.

However, just because vape products are popular doesn’t mean you can’t find HHC edibles, tinctures, or capsules. In fact, Eagle Moon Hemp is proud to have a line of HHC-infused gummies. These lower-intensity products are better-suited for new customers who want to ease their way into HHC.

While it may be extra challenging to find HHC products nowadays, it’s not impossible. For one of the widest assortments of HHC items, we’d recommend checking out the latest offerings on Eagle Moon Hemp’s website.

Our team of hemp experts is always interested in sharing high-quality, cutting-edge hemp extracts with our consumers. To find out more about our rigorous quality standards, please check out this page.

We stock ready-made 900-milliliter carts for your convenience. Our private label wholesale clients can also customize strengths starting from .5 milliliters of delta-8.

How “High” Will HHC Get Users?

In terms of effects, HHC seems to be in-between delta-9 THC and CBD. While HHC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, it doesn’t appear to have the same potency as delta-9. Therefore, you could place HHC in the same bracket as delta-8 or delta-10 THC.

Indeed, many hemp fans claim HHC has remarkably similar effects with delta-10. Both of these cannabinoids lean on the “sativa-end” of the spectrum with noticeable euphoria and “head-buzz” effects. Delta-8, by contrast, tends to induce a sense of deep relaxation and sedation.

Customers interested in “sativa lite” effects are best-suited for HHC products. This cannabinoid won’t get you “baked,” but it could provide a satisfying “lift” during the daytime.

Note: New customers should remember HHC has psychoactive properties. True, HHC isn’t as intense as THC-O, but it’s also not as tame as CBD. Please proceed with caution if it’s your first time experimenting with HHC extract.

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Are The Rumors True? — Is HHC Undetectable On Drug Tests?

HHC has many potential therapeutic features, but one dubious property always seems to get customers excited. If you haven’t heard, we’re talking about HHC’s supposed “undetectability” on drug tests.

Arguably, more people get interested in HHC due to this trait rather than its unique “high.” Many hemp fans believe HHC is the holy grail of “highs” because it’ll allow you to smoke on your lunch break without losing your job.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s no evidence that HHC won’t appear on a urine test. Indeed, considering HHC’s durable structure and relation to THC, it’s likely drug tests would mistake this chemical for delta-9 THC.

Please don’t use HHC products if you’re concerned about drug screenings. Until we have proof to the contrary, you should treat HHC as you would delta-8, THC-O, or delta-10 THC that is hemp derived (i.e., don’t use it for about one week before drug tests).

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