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HHC Distillate For Sale Wholesale By The Kilo

Distillation is a tried-and-true purification technique that’s enormously popular in the hemp industry. Vapers and dabbers especially love using these sappy extracts for the high potency they add to each hit.

Although CBD distillate remains Eagle Moon Hemp’s top-selling product, we’ve also begun experimenting with secondary cannabinoid formulations. For instance, our team now uses high-quality CO2 extraction to create a fantastic full-spectrum HHC distillate.

FAQs On Eagle Moon Hemp's HHC Distillate

Customers interested in a higher-intensity experience won’t be disappointed with the HHC distillate for sale on Eagle Moon Hemp. We also offer great deals on wholesale HHC distillate for companies that want to add this cannabinoid to their offerings. As always, each bottle of HHC distillate comes with Eagle Moon Hemp’s guarantee for exceptional quality and third-party lab results.


Lab Tech Inspecting D8 Distillat

How Does Eagle Moon Hemp Make HHC Distillate?

Hemp distillates are usually just below isolate powder in terms of their purity count. While these products aren’t 100 percent of a chosen cannabinoid, they tend to have about 70 percent of the target compound.

Every company has a different way of extracting cannabinoids, but Eagle Moon Hemp focuses on a combination of ethanol baths and supercritical CO2 extraction. Both of these solvents help pull the chosen cannabinoid out of our hemp biomass with minimal risk. Also, please remember we scan our distillates at third-party labs for solvent residue to ensure they’re safe for human consumption.

While HHC distillate follows the above purification methods, it also has to go through a round of hydrogenation. Interestingly, HHC isn’t natural to the hemp plant. Chemists first created a successful HHC molecule in the 1940s when they added hydrogen atoms to delta-9 THC. Currently, our team of hemp extractors uses CBD from our premier hemp biomass to create all of our legal HHC products.

The final result of this distillation process is a thick, amber-tinged fluid that’s not as loose as standard tinctures or oils. While you could still use HHC distillate sublingually, many customers use this extract’s consistency in DIY vape juice, concentrate, or oil formulations. Some people have even used HHC distillate’s sticky texture to wrap joint paper or add extra potency to smokable experiences.

Could Americans Legally Buy HHC Distillate?

Judging by federal law, HHC distillate is legal if it comes from lab-verified hemp flowers. The 2018 US Farm Bill allows companies to produce and sell cannabinoids if they come from hemp strains with ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9. So, DC has no issues as long as extractors use hemp CBD to make HHC.

Unfortunately, not every state is on the same page regarding hemp legalization. Although most US states recognize CBD oil and hemp cultivation, there’s a growing movement against THC-related cannabinoids like HHC. Most notably, dozens of legislatures have begun banning delta-8 vape carts, flowers, and edibles.

Currently, HHC isn’t as well-known as other alt THC cannabinoids, but that doesn’t mean states won’t learn about it in the future. Not only is HHC related to THC, it’s a synthetic cannabinoid; so you could say it has two features going against it!

Until the federal government legalizes recreational cannabis, customers have to pay careful attention to their state’s hemp laws. Please never buy HHC distillate until you know your state has no issues with hemp flowers or THC-related extracts.

We stock ready-made 900-milliliter carts for your convenience. Our private label wholesale clients can also customize strengths starting from .5 milliliters of delta-8.

What Does HHC Distillate Feel Like?

HHC distillate ranks pretty “high” in terms of potency. While few people claim HHC is as intense as delta-9 or THC-O, it can produce a profound euphoric sensation coupled with a long-lasting “head-buzz” effect.

In the indica-to-sativa spectrum, HHC lands closer to the pure sativa side. If you have experience with delta-10 THC vape carts, then you basically know how HHC will affect you.

Given HHC’s pronounced energizing effects, it’s always best to experiment with this product earlier in the day when you have nothing to do. Consider taking HHC distillate just before you do some chores at home to get the most use out of this product.

Also, please never overdo your HHC dose. People who don’t have a robust THC tolerance may experience paranoia or lightheadedness if they take too much HHC in one sitting.

HHC Distillate in a bottle

Is HHC Distillate Similar To Delta-8 THC?

Typically, hemp customers claim delta-8 has a “weaker high” than HHC distillate. Also, the quality of delta-8’s effects is more “indica,” which makes delta-8 a better choice for people who want a little help getting to bed.

Although most customers claim HHC is “more intense” than delta-8, please remember no scientific studies have examined this issue. Everyone has a unique metabolism, so your experience with these cannabinoids may not line up with this description.

Keep in mind that HHC tends to be more energizing than delta-8 THC. Also, if you’re new to alternative THC molecules, you may feel more comfortable starting with delta-8 because it tends to have a lower risk for side effects.

How Do Customers Use HHC Distillate?

Due to HHC distillate’s thick consistency, it has become popular with vapers who enjoy making DIY e-juices. Some people also like mixing HHC distillate into dab concentrates, edibles, or topicals.

However, you could take HHC distillate directly using the standard sublingual method. To do this, place a pre-measured amount of HHC distillate under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. While this may not taste fantastic, it’s the best way to absorb HHC into your bloodstream.

Alternatively, you could add HHC distillate to your favorite drinks or a morning smoothie for a less intense—but still noticeable—mood boost. Just be extra careful about adding HHC to caffeinated beverages, as the blend of these chemicals could produce overwhelming euphoria.

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Should New Customers Use HHC Distillate?

HHC distillate is a reasonably potent product, so it’s not the perfect choice for newcomers. It’s far better for new customers to experiment with non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD and CBG before upgrading to delta-8 or HHC.

Even when you feel ready to move into alternative THC cannabinoids, you should start with edibles like HHC gummies. Edibles have a slower absorption rate than distillates or vape juices, so they aren’t as likely to make users feel lightheaded and confused.

After you know how your body responds to delta-8 or HHC gummies, you could slowly move up to more potent products like HHC distillate. Just remember to carefully measure your HHC distillate dosage and keep good notes for the best possible experience.

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