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Hemp Prodcuts To Get Into the CBD Business

Eagle Moon Hemp Can Help You Get Into The Hemp Business

Perhaps you have seen the explosive growth in the hemp industry and have wondered, “how can I get in on that action?” Now is certainly the time to do so as the cannabis industry is projected to grow rapidly over the next few years. From 3.5 billion in annual revenue across the globe in 2019 to an expected 18.8 billion by the year 2025. The cannabis industry is experiencing a meteoric rise with an annual growth rate of 32% year after year. If you have been dreaming of being your boss, setting your schedule, and being part of a growing and always changing industry then a hemp business just might be the answer. Read on to find out how easy it is to get started, get away from the doll drums of that average 9 to 5, and get out of the office.

Make Money In The Hemp Business

Starting Your Own Hemp Business

The first step of starting any business is making the choice. Seeing as to how you are reading a blog about how to get started with a hemp business, we are going to assume you have already made your choice. From here you will want to brainstorm some ideas. Are you looking for a brick-and-mortar shop in your local neighborhood, a CBD Shop that is designed to fulfill orders online with virtually no shop space, or are you looking to become a distributor for other shops in your local network? The choice is ultimately yours and each will come with their own set of challenges and start-up costs. The cheapest and easiest route is to start with your website as this will only take a few hundred dollars of investment. On the other hand, maybe you dream to open up a shop in your town to share your love of hemp and CBD products with your friends and customers. This route will often take thousands of dollars but can be a worthy investment in your community and could create some awesome personal relationships while improving the lives of your neighbors.

Getting Your Product

After deciding which type of business, you are going to create the next step is to think about how and where you are going to get your hemp and CBD products. There are many companies out there that offer CBD products wholesale. When starting, this is going to be the most simple and cost-effective way to get started. Buying CBD products wholesale and then turning them around on your website or brick and mortar shop for a profit is easy. Just find a company that offers wholesale like us, Eagle Moon Hemp, buy what you are looking for in bulk and resell. It’s that simple.

CBD Flower & CBDGummies

White Label Products

The next possibility, albeit a bit more expensive, is to go with a white label program. These programs make it relatively easy to get your own CBD brand started up. Use a company’s already produced CBD products, but add your label. With a white label program, you can get the brand recognition you are looking for or get an in-house brand started without the startup costs associated with a CBD farm or manufacturing facility. Whether starting a mom-and-pop shop, an online-only shop or becoming your neighborhood’s distributor this is a great option. Sign up for our white label program.

Private Label Products

If you are ready to invest heavily and take your business to the next level, then this is the answer for you. Private label programs not only have your brand’s label on them, but have your formula on the inside. This not only means that your product will look different, but will also be unique from everything else on the market. Grab your customer’s and client’s attention with a product found nowhere else. Capture the heart of your local area with a design and name that reflects the uniqueness of your community. Private label CBD products are the best way to stand out from the ever-growing crowd. Let Eagle Moon Hemp help you create a product that is different and will define your shop. Stop by and check out our private labeling program.

Follow The Rules

Whether you plan to open an online-only shop or a pillar of the community brick and mortar shop be sure to check your local regulations. Many areas have different rules concerning the possession and sale of CBD and hemp products, so it is best to be very clear on what those rules are. Call your local health department if you are unsure as it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Another thing to look into is whether you need to and how to file for business licenses, permits, taxes, and other items of paperwork. Depending on where you live this can change from state to state or town to town.

Get Started On Any Budget

Whether starting with a handful of dollars or thousands in life savings Eagle Moon Hemp is ready to help you grow. We offer traditional CBD wholesale as well as white and private label programs to fit your needs and your budget. Be sure to check out our other informative blog posts on this topic such as 5 Steps To Turn A $250 Investment Into $750 As A CBD Reseller and 3 Steps To Turn $750 Into 2K Selling Eagle Moon Hemp CBD Products. If you have any questions about our CBD products wholesale or any of our CBD products feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you! Stop by our contact us page today!

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