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CBD Distillate Being Extracted

How To Use CBD Distillate

CBD has taken the world by force! It has become an extremely popular self-care product that many millions of people around the globe now swear by. It is being used as a general health supplement to mitigate the symptoms associated with life-threatening conditions such as cancer and epilepsy. It has even changed people’s opinions who were historically opposed to cannabis products and many of them are now using it to treat ailments such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. CBD distillate oftentimes referred to as CBD oil is still one of the most popular methods for using CBD. It is the first CBD product that many new consumers experience. However, you might be wondering what is CBD distillate, how is it made, and how is it used? Consider this your ultimate guide to CBD distillate and all of its wonderful uses. Read on to find out more!

What Is CBD Distillate?

CBD distillate is an extract of the Cannabis Sativa plant that is more commonly referred to as hemp. Sometimes CBD distillate is called CBD oil or hemp oil, however they often refer to the same thing. It is generally a dark brown to a golden brown and is potent in CBD containing around 80%. CBD distillate is often found in multiple varieties such as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and THC free. A full-spectrum distillate is the closest to the original plant with a full complement of cannabinoids (including up to 0.3% THC), flavonoids, terpenes, amino acids, and essential oils found in the original hemp plant. A broad-spectrum distillate is similar to the full-spectrum, however the THC is reduced to undetectable levels but all of the other compounds are present within the broad-spectrum CBD distillate. THC free CBD distillate can vary depending on the manufacturer when it comes to the other cannabinoid content. Some manufacturers remove every other compound leaving behind oil that is rich in only CBD whereas some leave the other compounds but make it 100% THC free. When in doubt it is always a good idea to check out the COAs as these can reveal the exact makeup of each CBD distillate available from that manufacturer. What has become very popular recently are other types of distillate that are made from hemp-derived distillate. These would be delta 8 distillate along with HHC and THCp distillates which are being used in the production of many products from carts to edibles.

how cbd distillate ids made

How Is CBD Distillate Made?

CBD distillate starts its life as a simple hemp plant. The plants are harvested once mature in what is oftentimes called hemp or CBD biomass. This is then put through a variety of processes used to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. The three main techniques are called solvent extraction, steam distillation, and CO2 supercritical extraction. No matter the method used the first extract is what is known as CBD crude oil and is very dark brown to black with around 50% CBD content. This crude oil is then put through a distillation process that lightens the color and enhances the potency of the oil. The result is a CBD distillate that is often around 80% CBD and is much simpler to use in a massive variety of ways.

how to use cbd distillate

How To Use CBD Distillate

The uses of CBD distillate are almost limitless. It has value to the manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the average consumer. Some of the many ways it can be used are:

As-Is: CBD distillate can be taken orally by directly swallowing it. When taken this way it can take up to an hour for the effects to be felt but they are long-lasting. This is an excellent option for those seeking long term relief from chronic pain. If you are seeking a faster acting method, then it can be placed under the tongue for sublingual absorption. This method bypasses the digestive system and liver meaning it goes directly into the bloodstream. It is much faster than swallowing it and perfect for those looking for quick relief from anxiety or depression. The only downside to sublingual absorption is that it does not last as long as swallowing it.

Mixed With Food or Drink: CBD distillate can be mixed with your favorite foods or drinks for a truly awesome experience. This method is essentially the same as just swallowing it as-is with the same effects however the bonus of your favorite treats makes it a delicious experience. CBD distillate goes great with coffee in the morning or as a delicious additive to your lunchtime salad.

Homemade CBD Products: CBD distillate is also a great additive to many other homemade CBD products. One idea is to mix CBD distillate with your favorite lotion or cream to make your own CBD infused salves. It can also be used in baked goods such as cookies, brownies, or cakes for a decadent snack with the bonus of healing powers. For the truly adventurous it can be used to make homemade CBD gummies or other CBD candies that can be given as gifts or greedily kept for yourself! Another excellent idea is to mix up a cocktail or even a mocktail to relax after a long stressful day. When it comes to creating your CBD products the ideas are limited only by your imagination.

As a Wholesaler or Manufacturer: CBD distillate can be used to create your line of CBD products right from the comfort of your kitchen or business. If you love to create things and think that you have an awesome product then maybe it is time to bring it to market for others to enjoy. CBD distillate can be bought in bulk at great prices and used to propel your business to the next level!

If you are looking for CBD distillate be sure to use our guide to find the best source for your distillate not matter if you need CBD Full-Spectrum Distillate and CBD THC-Free Distillate the same rules apply.

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