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Organic CBD

Is The CBD Your Buying Organic?

The biggest movement in the health food and beauty industries right now is CBD. It can be found in everything from health food stores to smoke shops to grocery stores to gas stations. Another massive trend to hit the health food and beauty industries, these past few years have been striving for more organic products. No matter the product, consumers have been searching for organic alternatives to conventional products. This includes the world of CBD where users are continuing to search for organic suppliers and producers. Maybe you have asked yourself what is CBD and what does it mean to be organic?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is a compound called a cannabinoid and found within the cannabis plant. You may know the cannabis plant by it’s better-known name marijuana or hemp. While they are both from the same species, these two varieties are very different. Marijuana is rich in THC and low in CBD whereas hemp is high in CBD and low in THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol better known as THC is the cannabinoid that is psychoactive and gets you the feeling of “high.” CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive and has very little if any effects on the user. While THC and CBD share some of the same reported healing properties they are very different in their effects on the user’s mind.

What is Organic CBD?

Organic CBD is a CBD that is produced using hemp that is grown while maintaining organic growing processes. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines products as being organic as any item that is grown without the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation. If a product says USDA certified organic on its labeling that means that it was inspected and approved by a licensed federal inspector and meeting the requirements for it to be deemed organic. When it comes to CBD this could mean two things. If it is produced from “organically grown hemp” that means the hemp itself was grown under the strict federal requirements, but then could have had synthetic or non-organic ingredients added in before becoming the final product. If the product says “organic CBD oil” or “Organic CBD” or some variation of this it can be assumed that the hemp itself was grown under strict federal requirements and the process after only used other ingredients that were also produced under the same requirements.

Organic Hemp Farmers

Why Choose Organic CBD?

CBD produced organically has a whole host of benefits. First off, the lack of pesticides and chemicals used in the growing and extraction process means that less harmful chemicals find their way down the chain and into your body. These chemicals can be harmless in small doses, but over time add up to something that can contribute to cancer or other serious illnesses.  Pesticides are frowned upon more and more these days as being a contributor to the dying earth and oceans. They are causing far more damage than organic practices and has led to a shift in consumer perspective into modern farming practices. By choosing organic products we are not only choosing a better option for our bodies, but also a better option for the planet as a whole. When we as the consumer choose an organic product over a conventional one it tells the farmers more and more that we prefer things that are organically and ethically produced. Farmers are noticing this trend, seeing the value of organically produced hemp among other things. They are beginning to call this push from the end consumer for organics a “gold rush” for America’s produce growers and those who do not change their ways will be left in the dust.

Tips For Buying Organic CBD

There are many types of organic CBD out there from the raw organic hemp flower to a finished edible or a topical that is ready to use. Manufacturers that strive to be organic and go through the tough inspection process will confidently taut their compliance with organic practices either on the packaging or on the website. Some companies will go as far as to proudly display their credentials on their website letting you know they are the real deal. Watch out for companies that try and use shady language that trick consumers into believing their product is organic and natural. It is best to use every available asset when determining whether or not to purchase from a company and never be afraid to ask.


When starting a new CBD regimen or looking for a new company to buy from it might be best to seek out those that adhere to organic farming practices. Not only are you doing your body a favor, but more importantly you are doing the earth a favor. By reaching for an organic product we are sending a message to the farmer which will then lead to safer, more ethical, and sustainable practices on the farms. Not only does this mean we can help to fix the planet now, but we can continue to fix it in the future for generations to come. It all starts with the consumer by not only trying our best to buy organically, but making sure that companies that do not follow organic procedures are urged to follow them also. Say no to pesticides and yes to organically farmed hemp and organic CBD products!

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