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cbd flower for sale online

Premium CBD Flower For Sale Online

Many millions of people around the globe now take CBD and swear by it. It has been said to help with the relatively benign ailments such as chronic pain, depression, and anxiety to the seriously life-threatening ones such as cancer and epilepsy. This wide range has led to a massive boom in popularity across the spectrum with many people taking CBD as a general wellness aid to those taking it to get relief from major symptoms. With popularity comes many forms of CBD infused products from CBD distillate and CBD isolate to CBD gummies and CBD topicals. You can also find CBD flower for sale online right along with finished products. No matter the finished product it all starts from the humble and unassuming hemp plant and its flowers.

what is cbd flower

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is the buds of the Cannabis Sativa plant also known as hemp. Hemp has become famous around the world as the basis for the large variety of CBD products produced from it. CBD flower is oftentimes processed into CBD extract which then finds its way into all of the CBD products we love. However, the hemp flower itself is now being sought more and more for the variety of uses it provides. You can find CBD flower for sale online in a variety of strains all with different properties and amounts of CBD content. It can be used as-is and either smoked in a pipe or a vape rig. CBD flower can also be the basis of home extraction methods to create your own oils or tinctures. It also makes a great additive to baking products such as brownies or cookies to create your own delicious homemade edibles. CBD flower has proven to be extremely versatile and is now sought after by many people.

How Can CBD Flower Help?

CBD flower can help in many of the same ways as other CBD products. In fact, it may even be more beneficial as you are getting a full complement of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and essential oils found in the plant. These other compounds and components often have their own medicinal benefits and contribute to a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. This effect is the result of all the other parts of the hemp plant working in conjunction with CBD and actually improving its effectiveness. It is believed by many that the closer the chemical makeup to the original hemp plant the more effective it is going to be. This makes CBD flower an awesome choice for those looking for the best in self-care!

Where Can I Buy It Online?

CBD flower is now being offered by many companies for sale online with a huge variety of strains available. Each one is a little different than the others in terms of CBD content, terpene profiles, appearance, and flavors. Many people enjoy trying new strains and seeing how they affect them differently. That is part of the fun of CBD flowers as each one is different no matter how nuanced those differences are. Some popular strains found available online are Papaya Nights, Bubba Kush, Mr. Rainbow, Easy Rider, Frosted Kush, Cherry Wine, Cherry Blossom, Secret OG, Hawaiian Daze, Sour Gummy, Sour Space Candy, Citron, Hulk, Diesel Puff, Dough Boy, Fuji, and Special Sauce. With so many options it can be hard to choose which one is best! When looking to purchase hemp flower online it is a good idea to look for three critical things. It was grown using the best farming practices such as organic, it is pesticide-free and that it has less than 0.3% THC. This will ensure that what you are buying is of high quality, safe, and most importantly legal. When in doubt, be sure to ask the supplier to see their COAs as this can often tell you everything you need to know about how it was grown and cannabinoid content.

premium cbd flower for sale online

The Strains Of CBD Flower For Sale Online!

These are some of the highest quality and potent strains on the market. When you are looking to buy online it is best to buy from a  vertically integrated farm that is pesticide-free, vegan, and non-GMO. All  strains should be under the 0.3% legal requirement of THC and all should have COAs that are easily available online. 

Bubba Kush provides 5.8% CBD with high levels of compounds such as limonene, farsenene, linalool, myrcene, and b-caryophyllene. These other flavonoids and terpenes lead to an amazing array of medicinal properties and a rich aromatic smell.

Cherry Blossom is named for the berry, floral, and fruit fragrances. It has a high total cannabinoid content at 22.4%, making it a very potent strain with a slow onset.

Cherry Wine is named for the sweet cherry aroma accompanied by notes of black pepper and cheese. It contains 15.4% CBD and high levels of farnesene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, and b-caryophyllene. This blend of compounds leads to an enticing aromatic smell and amazing therapeutic qualities.

Easy Rider has a much lower CBD concentration than most hemp strains, making it an excellent choice for users with a low tolerance but still seeking the beneficial effects of cannabis.

Hawaiian Daze has an aroma profile of citrus notes and sour diesel with a rich CBD content of 10%. It has the support of hundreds of users and comes highly recommended by the community.

Hulk has an overall content of 20.35% with 16.33% being CBD. It has a funky skunk-like smell with a flavor profile of citrus and over-ripened fruits.

Sour Space Candy contains less than 0.15% THC and has a rich CBD content of 15.26%. It offers an aroma profile of citrus notes and sour diesel that is reminiscent of sour candies.

Special Sauce has a very strong cannabinoid content of 14.32% and 12.81% of that being CBD. It has a flavor of citrus and overly ripened fruits and a funky skunk-like scent profile.

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