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CBD THC-Free Crude Oil

Eagle Moon Hemp’s T Free CBD Crude Oil is a premium extract hemp oil. The decarboxylated hemp is thoroughly extracted using CO2, leaving behind our T Free CBD Crude Oil that is easy to use and quite versatile. It contains up to 99% pure CBD and a full complement of terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids.


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More Abou T-Free CBD Crude Oil

If you’re interested in harnessing raw hemp’s healing potential, then CBD crude oil may be the product for you. Compared with our other oils, CBD crude oil is the least-refined hemp extract. While this means you won’t experience the highest CBD potency, you’ll have access to the highest traces of all-natural secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

CBD Crude Oil FAQs

Our CBD crude oil is a fantastic choice for folks who want to take advantage of the “entourage effect.” Plus, since we use hi-tech CO2 extraction, you don’t have to worry about icky solvent residue. We promise all of our products are vegan-friendly and only use organically-grown hemp.

If you have any questions about our hemp products and services, please reach out to our staff on this Contact Us page.

Is Crude CBD Oil The Same As CBD Distillate?

Although CBD distillate and crude CBD oil share many features, they are not the same product. Indeed, if we were to set these extracts side-by-side, we bet you’d have no difficulty telling them apart.

As you might’ve guessed from the name, crude CBD oil has a black, tarry appearance that’s similar to…crude oil! By contrast, CBD distillate tends to have a clear, honey-like appearance and a sticky consistency.

But the differences between these extracts go way beyond appearances. Most significantly, CBD distillates have a higher percentage of total CBD versus CBD crude oil. As you could see on Eagle Moon Hemp’s third-party lab results, CBD distillate has a CBD content in the 80 percent range, while hemp crude oil could have anywhere from 65 – 75 percent CBD.

The main reason behind these percentages is simple: crude CBD oil is less refined than CBD distillate. Both of these oils go through the same CO2 extraction process, but CBD distillate takes a bit more time and effort.

Broad-Spectrum vs. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil – Is There A Big Difference?

As you research Eagle Moon Hemp’s catalog, you’ll notice we split our CBD distillates into two categories: broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. While these terms may seem super technical, they’re not all that difficult to understand.

In fact, the only significant difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil is that the former could legally have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. Broad-spectrum CBD oils can’t have any traces of this “high-inducing” cannabinoid.

Since CBD crude oil isn’t as well-refined as CBD distillate, it’s generally listed as a “full-spectrum oil.” However, Eagle Moon Hemp promises every bottle of CBD crude oil we ship meets the federal government’s standards for THC percentages.

Is CBD Distillate Better Than CBD Crude Oil?

Since CBD distillate is more refined than crude CBD oil, most consumers assume it’s the “superior” choice. In reality, both of these hemp extracts have unique features that are well-suited for different consumers.

For instance, some “hemp purists” feel CBD crude oil is the superior choice due to its high concentration of secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Proponents of the “entourage effect” claim CBD works best when consumed in its raw form. While research into the “entourage effect” is scant, some scientists believe natural hemp molecules work synergistically to create a greater therapeutic benefit.

On the flip side, many customers claim CBD distillates taste better than crude CBD oil. Since CBD distillates have to go through additional rounds of purification, they tend to have less chlorophyll versus crude CBD oils. Also, since CBD distillates have a higher overall CBD percentage, they are easier to dose.

How Do You Use Crude CBD Oil?

There are many ways customers could use crude CBD oil, but the most common way is to take it sublingually. This simple and effective method takes advantage of the tongue’s “sublingual glands,” which absorb chemicals directly into the bloodstream. Since this bypasses the digestive tract, you should feel CBD’s effects faster than eating a CBD edible or swallowing a CBD capsule.

To use the sublingual method, all you have to do is place your desired amount of crude CBD oil under your tongue for about 30 – 45 seconds. Next, swallow the crude CBD oil and wait to feel any effects.

If you don’t enjoy taking crude CBD oil sublingually, consider adding it to your favorite edibles or beverages. You could also mix crude CBD oil with skin-safe creams to create DIY topicals. We’ve even heard of a few customers using crude CBD oil in hair care products.

Are there any other creative ways you use our crude CBD oil? If so, please let us know on social media! You could always reach out to Eagle Moon Hemp on Facebook or Instagram.

What Does Crude CBD Oil Taste Like?

We won’t lie: CBD crude oil has an “acquired” taste. Since this oil is our least-refined product, it has the highest concentration of chlorophyll. This tends to give CBD crude oil a distinctly bitter (i.e., “grassy”) taste.

If you’re going to take CBD crude oil sublingually, it’s impossible to mask this product’s distinctive flavor. You may want to experiment with “chasing” your CBD oil with a glass of OJ. Some people also claim that brushing their teeth before taking crude CBD oil helps minimize its grassy flavors.

Of course, you could also add crude CBD oil directly to your favorite beverages or edibles. While you might not enjoy the full effects of sublingual ingestion, these methods could mask your crude CBD oil’s flavor.

How Does CBD Isolate Differ From CBD Crude Oil?

In addition to CBD crude oil and CBD distillate, CBD isolate is another extract category that customers should know about. Unlike other CBD oils, this ultra-refined extract is sold as a white powder that’s both odorless and tasteless. The reason CBD isolate has a powdery consistency is because it must undergo an intense purification process. In fact, most CBD isolate powders contain between 98 – 99 percent CBD content.

Since CBD isolates don’t contain any secondary cannabinoids or terpenes, users can’t take advantage of the “entourage effect.” On the pro side, it’s straightforward to dose CBD isolate…because you’re consuming ~100 percent CBD! Many customers also rave about CBD isolate’s versatility. Since these powders have no taste or odor, they’re easy to hide in everything from banana bread and brownies to bath bombs and topicals.

FYI: please keep in mind that Eagle Moon Hemp now offers a 99 percent CBD isolate powder. Be sure to browse all of our CBD isolate concentrate sizes.

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Common Questions

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a cannabinoid but lacks the property of altering the user’s mind.

When shopping around for CBD products, any legitimate companies that stand behind their products will have lab reports for the consumer to read. Lab reports are also known as certificates of analysis or COA and contain a whole host of useful information about the content of the finished product. These COAs can be notoriously hard to read with tons of confusing terms and numbers. Do not worry! We are here to teach you how to read these important documents so you can be sure of what you are putting into your body. Read more about how to read a COA here!
CBD flower is the buds produced from hemp. Hemp is the cousin of marijuana and both come from the cannabis sativa plant. Whereas marijuana is high in THC, the cannabinoid that causes the feeling of being “high,” hemp is very low in THC (less than 0.3%) and very high in CBD. Many years ago hemp was very different from marijuana but with modern growing practices and a market shifting more towards CBD, growers have applied their knowledge to growing better tasting and better looking CBD flower. It has begun to rival the more traditional market with more strains available with a multitude of companies that sell it nationwide and is set to become even larger in the next few years. Read out Buying CBD Flower here!
CBD has anecdotally been described as helping many conditions in humans, ranging from anxiety to depression all the way to cancer and other life-treating ailments. The same is thought for our loving friends known as man’s best friend. CBD will not get your dog “high” as it is produced from hemp that is low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC.) You can think of hemp as the one that makes rope and not marijuana which is strong in THC and used recreationally. Hemp with its high CBD content has been shown to potentially be medicinal without the mind-altering effects. Learn more about how CBD can help your furry friend here!
Yes! All our products can be purchased in bulk at a wholesale value. Please contact us at to learn more about our wholesale program. View the 7 Steps To Become A CBD Distributor here!
Find answers to more of our CBD questions on our FAQs page.
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