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CBD Crystal Resistant Distillate

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CBD offers a surprising number of potential mood and health benefits, and US consumers are always looking for new additions to the industry. One of the more recent CBD formulations to see rising popularity is CBD crystal resistant distillate (CRD). CRD is the result of refining CBD distillates to enrich the level of minor cannabinoids within the substance.

We’ve put together a quick overview of CRD to help you understand what this distillate is, why it’s a popular addition to orders across the country, and why it might be a good fit for our customers.

What is CBD crystal resistant distillate?

CRD is a proprietary and highly refined distillate made from more traditional CBD distillate. It typically contains a lower cannabinoid content overall but a higher quantity of minor cannabinoids which are known for enhancing the effects of other products on the market. CRD was designed to remain a liquid without additives or cutting agents. This is a stark contrast to other CBD distillates which naturally enter a crystalline state.

Benefits of CBD Crystal Resistant Distillate

While there is little research into CRD and no official medical statements, customers routinely name it as one of their favorite concentrations. They especially appreciate the lack of fillers and any other unnecessary ingredient, giving the CBD extract the benefit of being a pure substance. Beyond this, reviews often mention pain and anxiety relief. Note that these effects are quite gentle due to the extensive refining CRD goes through. When taken with other CBD products or distillates, however, CRD will amplify their effects.

From tinctures to extracts, cannabis, and gummies, CRD is a great complement for a wide range of different products and ingredients.

Uses of CBD Crystal Resistant Distillate

Thanks to its gentle effects and pure potency, CRD is a flexible type of CBD. It has many applications, in other words, from promoting relaxation to serving as a safe option for amplifying other cannabidiol products. Because it is naturally liquid, CRD is especially desirable in vape cartridges of all brands and pricing. It doesn’t need to be cut with any kind of cutting agent, either, which means that you’re investing in a pure, clean raw material without potentially harmful additives of MCT-Oil, VG, PG, and Vitamin E.

How CBD Crystal Resistant Distillate is Made

CRD is made by taking traditional CBD distillates and putting them through an additional refining process in a lab. By doing this, the proportion of THC to minor cannabinoids like CBT, CBC, and CBG changes. To ensure optimal consistency, manufacturers do not add any cutting fillers to impact CRD’s liquid form.

  1. Quality Control of CBD Crystal Resistant Distillate

CRD has plenty of uses, but only when the product is trustworthy and clean. There are a variety of suppliers in the USA, and not all of them are dedicated to providing pure, high-quality marijuana and CRD. The best manufacturers will stick to a rigorous quality control process to ensure that their product remains pure and potent even when produced in bulk. The producer and their team should test the products multiple times during the production process. Everything from the hemp seeds to the soil itself must be in good condition to ensure the best CRD possible. This includes avoiding pesticides and disease.

Once the hemp is harvested, the flower must be tested to ensure quality control has been successful. The crude extract from the hemp flower must be tested, too, to make sure that no undesirable solvents of any kind are present. The CRD should be tested throughout the refining process, too, to make sure the product is pure and potent.

The commitment to quality CRD is not one to take lightly. Our company believes in offering only the best, non-GMO substances to our customers. We review our product constantly to make sure it is in good condition before we list it for sale for personal use.

How does CBD crystal resistant distillate work?

CRD works the same way other CBD distillates do. It interacts with receptors in your central nervous system to trigger various psychoactive effects. These effects cross many categories depending on the product in question, but an increased sense of well-being and calm are some of the most enduring.

How is CBD crystal resistant distillate different from other CBD products?

CBD isolate is naturally crystalline. To keep it liquid, certain cutting agents must be used to prevent the crystalizing process. CRD, on the other hand, is created to be crystallization resistant, hence the name. CRD is also rich in minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBC, too. Other CBD distillates do not contain minor cannabinoids.

How long does CBD crystal resistant distillate last?

CRD can be stable for up to six months.

What are the storage requirements for CBD crystal resistant distillate?

Store your CRD in a dark, cool place. Avoid containers made of plastic or aluminum and instead opt for stainless steel or glass.


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Common Questions

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a cannabinoid but lacks the property of altering the user’s mind.

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CBD flower is the buds produced from hemp. Hemp is the cousin of marijuana and both come from the cannabis sativa plant. Whereas marijuana is high in THC, the cannabinoid that causes the feeling of being “high,” hemp is very low in THC (less than 0.3%) and very high in CBD. Many years ago hemp was very different from marijuana but with modern growing practices and a market shifting more towards CBD, growers have applied their knowledge to growing better tasting and better looking CBD flower. It has begun to rival the more traditional market with more strains available with a multitude of companies that sell it nationwide and is set to become even larger in the next few years. Read out Buying CBD Flower here!
CBD has anecdotally been described as helping many conditions in humans, ranging from anxiety to depression all the way to cancer and other life-treating ailments. The same is thought for our loving friends known as man’s best friend. CBD will not get your dog “high” as it is produced from hemp that is low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC.) You can think of hemp as the one that makes rope and not marijuana which is strong in THC and used recreationally. Hemp with its high CBD content has been shown to potentially be medicinal without the mind-altering effects. Learn more about how CBD can help your furry friend here!
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