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HHCP Distillate


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What is HHCp?

The hydrogenated version of THCp, the phytocannabinoid hexahydrocannabinol (HHCp) is a new cannabidiol derived from hemp plants. As with other distillates, HHCp is sent through an extensive lab-controlled distilling process.

HHCp is one of the best options on the market for users looking for a particularly intoxicating derivative. That’s because it has two additional carbon atoms on its alkane side chain, which makes it one of the strongest cannabinoids available. It is more potent than THC and up to 33% stronger than THCp and HHC. Don’t confuse HHCp with delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 – its effects are much more pronounced than any of them.

Customers report intense full-body experiences with HHCp, so make sure you are prepared for the side effects before trying the oil in any of its forms.

What are the benefits of HHCp?

While researchers have yet to dive deep into the benefits of HHCp, it is known that during the hydrogenation process, its strength increases dramatically. This is the effect of the seven total carbons in its alkane side chain. It is more psychoactive than other psychoactive cannabinoids and their derivatives, and its benefits are more marked because of this.

With that said, the benefits of HHCp are similar to the benefits of other substances which affect the endocannabinoid system. Customers have said that it is especially effective for analgesic and inflammatory properties. And based on the research done on similar substances, it has the potential to help improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Is HHCp legal?

According to the 2018 US Farm Bill, HHCp is legal as long as it is derived from hemp. With that said, the law is always changing and state laws and regulations can vary widely in the way they treat HHCp and similar substances. So while American federal law states the compound is lawful as long as its delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol content is 0.3% or less, it is important to check state-specific legislation before you order or use HHCp.

Is HHCp safe to use?

HHCp is created via lab-controlled processes conducted by trustworthy laboratories and reliable machinery. And while scientists and doctors have yet to weigh in on the substance, it is possible to ascertain its qualities thanks to similarities with more studied compounds.

So, is HHCp safe to use? We guarantee our HHCp’s purity and thousands of people have used it without issue. With that said, you should always consult with your doctor before adding it to your life.

How do you make HHCp distillate?

There are a few steps to making HHCp distillate. First, professionals create a CBD isolate that is derived from quality and potent hemp flowers. Next, it is extracted/synthesized and then subject to a chemical process designed to create the final version of the cannabinoid.

Is HHCp more potent than delta-9 THC?

HHCp’s exact potency is difficult to state with certainty. This is because potency is typically determined when someone uses the substance in question and reports its effects on their mind and body. Despite a rapid rise in popularity, HHCp is still a newer product on the market. Luckily, our customer reviews have been a great help in this regard.

Our customers report that HHCp is anywhere from one to two times stronger in their systems than delta 9 THC and is even stronger than THCp. It also has an increased bioavailability compared to delta 9, too, so consuming it as an edible with some kind of fat will make it more available to your body than delta 9 would be.

All in all, HHCp is capable of producing more potent intoxication effects than many other cannabinoids.

Is HHCp detected in drug tests? 

While everyone’s system reacts differently, we believe that HHCp is detected in drug tests. It is highly likely that if you use this particular cannabinoid, you will not pass your drug test. This is primarily due to the fact that HHCp is an isomer of THCp, which does show up in drug tests. It can also remain in your system for as long as three months.

Is HHCp a CBD?

HHCp is a cannabinoid, but it is not CBD. They work differently and are also created differently, with CBD being a phytocannabinoid that occurs naturally in hemp and HHCp created in a lab. CBD is also not psychoactive, while HHCp is and has the ability to create intoxicating effects.

Can you get high with HHCp?

You can get high with HHCp, yes. Remember that it is THCp’s hydrogenated form, and shares similar psychoactive properties.

How does HHCp affect you?

Taking HHCp is similar to the experience of taking THCp. Our customer reviews indicate that whether consumed as an oil tincture, via edibles, or even via vaporization, HHCp induces many of the same effects as THCp, but stronger. The substance affects everyone differently, and you can expect its high to last for one to four hours on average. You might also experience an increased appetite and thirst while using it.

Can you fly with HHCp on a plane?

HHCp can be flown to all US states. Make sure that you double-check state laws before arriving with it, however, to make sure there are not any unexpected rules you need to know.

Is HHCp distillate synthetic?

HHCp is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from naturally occurring substances in a lab. The chemicals must undergo refinery during the extraction process to guarantee its purity.

How old do I have to be to purchase HHCp products? 

A federal age for purchasing HHCp products has not yet been designated, however, the general consensus is that you must be at least 21 to buy them. This is similar to other psychoactive cannabinoids like delta 10 THC, delta 9 THC, and delta 8 THC.







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Common Questions

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a cannabinoid but lacks the property of altering the user’s mind.

When shopping around for CBD products, any legitimate companies that stand behind their products will have lab reports for the consumer to read. Lab reports are also known as certificates of analysis or COA and contain a whole host of useful information about the content of the finished product. These COAs can be notoriously hard to read with tons of confusing terms and numbers. Do not worry! We are here to teach you how to read these important documents so you can be sure of what you are putting into your body. Read more about how to read a COA here!
CBD flower is the buds produced from hemp. Hemp is the cousin of marijuana and both come from the cannabis sativa plant. Whereas marijuana is high in THC, the cannabinoid that causes the feeling of being “high,” hemp is very low in THC (less than 0.3%) and very high in CBD. Many years ago hemp was very different from marijuana but with modern growing practices and a market shifting more towards CBD, growers have applied their knowledge to growing better tasting and better looking CBD flower. It has begun to rival the more traditional market with more strains available with a multitude of companies that sell it nationwide and is set to become even larger in the next few years. Read out Buying CBD Flower here!
CBD has anecdotally been described as helping many conditions in humans, ranging from anxiety to depression all the way to cancer and other life-treating ailments. The same is thought for our loving friends known as man’s best friend. CBD will not get your dog “high” as it is produced from hemp that is low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC.) You can think of hemp as the one that makes rope and not marijuana which is strong in THC and used recreationally. Hemp with its high CBD content has been shown to potentially be medicinal without the mind-altering effects. Learn more about how CBD can help your furry friend here!
Yes! All our products can be purchased in bulk at a wholesale value. Please contact us at to learn more about our wholesale program. View the 7 Steps To Become A CBD Distributor here!
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Philip R.


This is one of the most potent 'noids I have experienced yet! Highly recommended for your daytime / energizing / sativa-like formulations - the effects are powerful but uplifting, and with a little CBG in there, it increases focus and mental clarity.