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Despite the steady push for cannabis legality across North America, the letters “THC” still trigger a lot of fear for many consumers. Since delta-9 THC is commonly associated with the “high” in cannabis strains, it remains the most targeted cannabinoid in federal and state laws. However, following the 2018 US Farm Bill, more legal hemp cultivators and manufacturers have been discovering and producing cannabinoids that are related — yet distinct — from delta-9 THC. THCA is one such cannabinoid that has gained a lot of press in hemp circles in recent years. 


Although buying wholesale THCA flower may seem sketchy, it’s not the same as purchasing cannabis buds. Even in many states with restrictive recreational cannabis laws, THCA flower is becoming a hot ticket item in dispensaries, vape shops, and CBD stores. Adding high-quality wholesale THCA flower sold by Eagle Moon Hemp could be an exciting opportunity, no matter what part of the hemp supply chain you’re involved in. 

What IS THCA Flower?

To understand how THCA flower differs from traditional cannabis strains, it’s essential to discuss a chemical process known as “decarboxylation” (aka decarbing). Decarboxylation simply means transforming the chemical structure of molecules with heat. Interestingly, the cannabinoids in cannabis flowers go through significant changes after exposure to high temperatures, especially the psychoactive compound delta-9 THC. In fact, THCA is the acidic precursor to delta-9 THC. 

Short for “tetrahydrocannabinolic acid,” THCA only becomes the bioavailable form of delta-9 THC after users heat their flowers. If consumers or extractors don’t decarboxylate THCA, this cannabinoid won’t have the psychoactive impact delta-9 THC has. Most reports suggest THCA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning people who consume straight THCA won’t feel a “high” effect.  

So, wholesale THCA flower refer to hemp buds with extra high amounts of THCA. Similar to other hemp products, these flowers have ≤ 0.3% delta-9 THC per federal law, so they qualify for protection in the 2018 US Farm Bill. However, since THCA is closely related to delta-9 THC, some states have special restrictions on THCA hemp products. Always double-check the latest legislation in your home territory before ordering bulk THCA hemp flowers. 

THCA Flower

How Do You Use THCA Flower?

Wholesale THCA flower has many uses,  many consumers grind them and either smoke or vape them in joints or dry herb vaporizers. Because heat transforms THCA into delta-9 THC, using THCA hemp flower with either of these methods produces a sensation that is psychoactive. 

However, there are other ways people use THCA flower besides smoking and vaping. For example, there’s a growing number of manufacturers who use THCA hemp flower to make edibles, topicals, or concentrates. Sometimes, people decarboxylate THCA hemp flower to extract delta-9 THC, while others may directly extract THCA to take advantage of this unique cannabinoid. Even though THCA doesn’t get users “high,” preliminary trials suggest it may offer interesting benefits for people who want a non-psychoactive experience. While research into THCA’s use cases and applications is ongoing, many consumers are already interested in experimenting with THCA extracts, tinctures, and oils.    

Is Smoking THCA Hemp Flower The Same As Using CBD Hemp Flower?

On its own, THCA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with traits that are more similar to CBD than delta-9 THC. However, since THCA transforms into delta-9 THC when it gets hot, smoking THCA hemp and CBD flowers isn’t the same experience. Even though THCA hemp flower may have ≤ 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight, they will trigger a psychoactive sensation when smoked or vaped at a high enough temperature to activate delta-9 THC. By contrast, CBD doesn’t become a psychoactive substance after heat exposure. Instead, smoking CBD hemp flower is often described as a relaxing and clear-headed experience. 

Bottom line: If you heat THCA hemp flower at any time, it will likely have a psychoactive impact. The only way to experience THCA’s non-psychoactive properties is if you extract it from non-decarboxylated hemp flower to make a tincture, edible, or oil and then use it. 

Why Buy Wholesale THCA Flower?

THCA hemp flower offers retailers, extractors, and consumers many potential use cases, and buying in bulk is the best way to save considerable money and resell this hot product in your store or smoke shop. Although it’s popular to smoke or vape THCA flower, there’s a growing market for extracting THCA directly to make non-psychoactive products for hemp fans. Again, we don’t have all the scientific details on THCA’s effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), but offering THCA-rich products is a great way to diversify product offerings away from the more standard hemp shop items like CBD and delta-8 THC. The large quantities of THCA in wholesale flower also make it easier and cost-effective to create products like extracts, edibles, and concentrates efficiently.

How To Choose Wholesale THCA Flower: A Few Pointers

Due to THCA’s demand in the hemp market, picking a THCA hemp wholesale partner isn’t an easy decision. Plus, since the FDA still doesn’t assess the quality of hemp products, it’s up to wholesale vendors to provide accurate lab readings to ensure their hemp flowers meet high purity standards and are in line with federal and state restrictions. Be sure to take your time examining the history and reputation of wholesale THCA hemp vendors before deciding which company to work with, and ask for third-party lab tests to get a clear read on the quality of their products. If THCA hemp flower companies don’t offer thorough lab screenings, that should send alarm bells ringing in your mind. Hemp manufacturers know they’re responsible for ensuring the purity of their products, so they should be more than willing to offer you third-party lab results. 


Eagle Moon Hemp takes great pride in offering the highest quality, lab-verified hemp products, including wholesale THCA hemp flower. If you’re interested in working with Eagle Moon Hemp for wholesale hemp needs, please get in touch with our staff anytime at [email protected] or by calling (575) 546-0875. 

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