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THCp is a new cannabinoid available in the hemp industry. Eagle Moon Hemp is here to help you get quality THCp at wholesale or in bulk. We currently offer  THCP wholesale by the kilo when it comes to distillate so you can make your own products and we offer THCP gummies in bulk. For wholesale THCp or for bulk sales please contact our sales staff and let us answer all your questions or simply call to place orders. Eagle Moon Hemp is your number one wholesaler for all CBD products.

Everything You Should Know About THCP

Now that American universities have easy access to hemp, there have been countless impressive studies on various cannabinoids and terpenes. However, the discovery of THCP is arguably the most exciting news in the hemp industry.

Fans of THC derivatives can’t stop talking about the massive potential THCP could have on the hemp market. As news of THCP’s properties spread online, more people claim it will outshine delta-8 THC.

So, why are so many people pumped about THCP? How does it differ from other THC derivatives? Heck, is this cannabinoid even legal?

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How Potent Is THCP?

THCP has been around for centuries, but nobody knew about it till 2019. During this year, scientists at Italy’s National Council of Research accidentally discovered THCP while sifting through a batch of sticky cannabis nugs. Scientists also found the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBDP, but that’s a story for another blog post.

Short for trans-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol, THCP is a rare psychoactive cannabinoid that shares many traits with delta-9 THC. In fact, the only thing that separates THCP and delta-9 THC is the number of carbon atoms on its side-chain. Delta-9 has five of these carbon atoms, but THCP has seven.

Do these extra carbon atoms make much of a difference?

Well, according to Italian researchers, THCP seems to have a stronger affinity with the brain’s CB1 receptors. Apparently, these extra carbon molecules intensify THCP’s effects. If this is the case, THCP should be more potent than the more common delta-9 THC.

Current estimates suggest THCP is at least 30 times more intense than delta-9 cannabinoids.

Having said that, please remember we don’t have all the facts on THCP. It will take awhile before researchers fully grasp how THCP interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Hopefully, as more clinical data comes out, we’ll better understand how THCP works.

What Is THCP's Legal Status In The USA?

Since most researchers believe THCP is more potent than delta-9, you’re probably thinking it’s illegal in North America. However, since nobody knew about THCP before 2019, it wasn’t mentioned in the 2018 US Farm Bill. Until federal lawmakers revise their hemp laws to include THCP, it’s technically legal to extract, sell, and use hemp-derived THCP.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely this legal loophole will last for long, especially in territories with restrictive cannabis policies. Dozens of states have already enacted laws against delta-8 THC, so what’s stopping them from banning more potent cannabinoids like THCP?

The more lawmakers learn about THCP, the better chance this cannabinoid could face legal challenges. States that already have unfavorable policies towards recreational weed are most likely to enact THCP prohibitions.

As with any other THC-related cannabinoid, customers must keep abreast of their state’s hemp laws. If THCP is legal in your state, please only work with reputable hemp companies that provide third-party lab results.

How Does Smoking THCP Feel?

Due to THCP’s novelty and scarcity, it’s one of the most challenging cannabinoids for customers to try. Therefore, we don’t have a ton of reliable information on THCP’s standard effects.

All that we can say is that THCP probably hits harder than delta-9 THC. As mentioned above, most researchers estimate THCP is about 30-times stronger than delta-9. This would put THCP in the same ballpark as the synthetic cannabinoid THC-O.

Whether THCP’s “high” leans indica or sativa is anyone’s guess. Some early reports suggest THCP has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties, which may mean it induces “couchlock” sensations. A few users also claim THCP could help people who struggle with sleep issues like insomnia.

Please only try THCP later in the day when you have plenty of time to chill at home. You’ll probably only need a touch of THCP to feel crazy effects.

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  • White Label – White Label Programs provide a convenient way for new and smaller businesses to offer delta-8 and CBD products to customers. White label programs require less upfront investment than private label programs but offer more limited options for customization. You’ll be able to select your labeling, but not the product’s ingredients or formulation. Find out more about our White Label Program.
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Where Could Shop Owners Find Wholesale THCP?

Wholesale THCP products still aren’t as commonplace as delta-8 THC or CBD. However, reputable hemp shops like Eagle Moon Hemp now carry many THCP extracts and edibles for bulk delivery.

If you’re interested in adding high-quality, lab-tested THCP to your inventory, we’d recommend filling out an application on this link. You could also reach out to a member of Eagle Moon Hemp’s team on this Contact Us page for questions about our many hemp products.

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How Do Customers Take THCP Products?

THCP may be the newest cannabinoid on the block, but it has already found its way into many popular hemp extracts. In fact, you could already find THCP for sale in many formulations on sites like Eagle Moon Hemp.

While most customers are interested in the crazy intense effects of THCP vape carts, there are also many THCP distillates, oils, and tinctures in today’s hemp market. Customers who want to ease their way into THCP could also check out Eagle Moon Hemp’s THCP gummies.

As the demand for THCP continues to increase, customers will likely find THCP in the same items delta-8 is in.

Delta-8, HHC, Or THCP? — What's the Best Choice For Beginners?

Provided you have some experience with full-spectrum CBD, it’s best to begin your THC adventure with delta-8 extracts. While it’s OK to start with HHC, some anecdotal reports suggest this synthetic cannabinoid has a more abrasive sativa edge.

Whatever you do, please don’t go straight from CBD to THCP. If veteran cannabis smokers claim THCP is too much to handle, what do you think will happen to a total newbie?

Even if you’re not prone to anxiety, THCP could easily induce paranoia or panic attacks if you’re not careful. You need a strong THC tolerance before moving up to THCP extracts.

It’s also best for new customers to start with hemp THC edibles before trying fortified hemp flowers, distillates, or vape carts. Gummies have a weaker impact on the endocannabinoid system, which helps gently influence your mind without a significant risk of side effects.

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