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Research into THCP may be in its infancy, but it’s safe to say this cannabinoid means business. First discovered in 2019, THCP may be the most intense cannabinoid in the cannabis kingdom. Unquestionably, THCP extracts are the most robust products in Eagle Moon Hemp’s catalog.

Since THCP is such an intense cannabinoid, new users should approach it with caution. Arguably, the best way to test THCP’s potency is via edibles. THCP gummies have a relatively low & slow absorption rate. Even though one of these gummy bears is sure to get you “high,” there’s less risk for paranoia.

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THCP Gummies FAQs

It’s natural for customers to be curious about wholesale THCP gummies, but they must understand what they’re getting themselves into. Please never underestimate the power of THCP, even if it’s in a cute gummy bear.

What Are The Essential Details On THCP?

THCP is the honorary cannabinoid of Italy…or, at least, it should be!

You see, Italian scientists were the first to discover THCP in a cannabis flower sample. Impressively, Italy’s National Council of Research funded this study!

According to this preliminary data, THCP is a rare phytocannabinoid similar in structure to delta-9, delta-10, and delta-8 THC. The reason THCP is in a separate category has to do with its alkyl side-chain. This “tail-like” structure on THC molecules has a certain amount of carbon atoms. Delta-9 has five of these carbon atoms, but THCP has seven.

As scientists continued to investigate THCP in vitro and ex vitro, they noticed these extra carbon atoms had a fascinating impact. Compared with delta-9 THC, THCP appears to bind more effectively with CB1 receptors. In fact, many cannabis researchers believe THCP could be 30-times more effective than delta-9 THC.

Could Americans Legally Buy And Use THCP Gummies?

With such a high potency rating, THCP can’t possibly be legal in North America…right?

Interestingly, there’s no federal law against THCP. Remember, this cannabinoid wasn’t discovered until 2019. So, when legislators passed the 2018 US Farm Bill, they didn’t know THCP existed.

Also, THCP is a natural hemp cannabinoid. True, most THCP gummies for sale are made in a lab with modified CBD. However, unlike wholly synthetic THC cannabinoids like HHC or THC-O, you could argue THCP is a “natural” compound. This is a significant point in states that define all synthetic THC molecules as equivalent to delta-9 THC.

Having said all that, there’s still no federal statute legalizing hemp THCP products. Once legislators learn about THCP’s incredible potency, they will likely try to put it in the same boat as delta-9 THC.

Remember: Some states have already banned delta-8 THC. Compared with THCP, delta-8 is a “baby” in terms of effects. Therefore, the more media attention THCP gets, the more likely some states will seek to get rid of it.

If you live somewhere with strict recreational marijuana laws, you must review your local legislature’s stance on hemp. Please lookout for any notable bans on THC derivatives or edibles. You could also talk with a professional marijuana law firm for greater clarity on THCP legality.

Eagle Moon Hemp could also provide personalized guidance on adding wholesale THCP gummies to your store. Please visit this wholesale page for more info on our federally-legal THCP products.


Will THCP Gummies Get Users Baked?

With the possible exception of THC-O, THCP gummies have the “highest” chance of getting you stoned. Even veteran tokers will probably feel the effects of THCP after eating one of these treats.

It will take about 30 minutes for THCP gummies to kick in, but they will hit way harder than delta-8 or delta-10 products. No matter how experienced you are with hemp THC vapes or edibles, you’ve got to start small with THCP gummies.

Please resist the urge to eat more THCP gummies before you start to feel “euphoric” effects. If you take too many THCP gummies early on, you will likely experience severe side effects like anxiousness, digestive upset, and lightheadedness.


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Are THCP Gummies Good For New Hemp Customers?

Customers with no experience using hemp shouldn’t start with THCP gummies.

It’s far safer to stick with non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD and CBG to get a feel for this plant. Both of these cannabinoids have a mild impact on the endocannabinoid system, which means there’s less risk for harsh side effects.

If you find CBD isn’t potent enough for you, then consider moving up to delta-8 or delta-10. Although these cannabinoids are psychoactive, they’re not as crazy as THCP. Customers who are more interested in soothing indica properties should stick with delta-8, while those who want a gentle “head buzz” should research delta-10.

Once you know how delta-8 and delta-10 affect you, consider scheduling a day to try one THCP gummy. Since THCP is so potent, you need to stick to a strict “one gummy ration” on your first go. Be sure to have plenty of time at home so you can monitor your reaction to THCP gummies.


Over time, you could gradually increase your THCP gummy dosage, but you shouldn’t go overboard with this cannabinoid. It’s unlikely you’ll need a ton of THCP gummies to feel noticeable effects. Plus, the more THCP you take, the greater chance you will experience nasty side effects.

While THCP gummies are a good stepping stone to taking high-intensity THCP vape carts, they aren’t a good “gateway” into hemp THC. New customers who want to try THC products should always stick with delta-8 or delta-10 for a more enjoyable experience.

Are THCP Edibles Safer Than THCP Vape Carts?

THCP gummies won’t get you as high as THCP vape carts, but that doesn’t mean they’re “safe” for every customer.

Since THCP is so potent, customers need to handle this cannabinoid with care. If you don’t have experience with delta-8, HHC, or delta-10 THC, then THCP gummies will likely cause negative symptoms like hallucinations.

However, there’s a better chance you’ll feel unwanted side effects with a THCP vape cart versus THCP gummy. Edibles always have a weaker impact on the endocannabinoid system than vape juices.

Vaping brings cannabinoids directly into your lungs, which results in fast-acting and ultra-potent effects. Edibles, however, travel through the digestive tract after the liver breaks them down.

You could say THCP gummies are “safer” than other THCP extracts. However, compared with all other hemp edibles, THCP gummies are the most prone to side effects.

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