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cbd crystalline

The Ultimate Guide To CBD Crystalline

As the CBD industry expands more and more products are coming to market but not many are aware that CBD crystalline is the backbone of so much of the finished CBD products that are available today. With this in mind, we decided to give you the ultimate guide to CBD crystalline and all its uses as well as how it is made. We will not only cover isolate here but also what CBD is and how good high-quality isolate is made and more! So, buckle up and let us dive into the world of CBD and all that it entails and can do for you as a wholesaler, distributor, reseller or end-user of endocannabinoid products.

What Is CBD?

CBD is the acronym for a compound extracted from the hemp plant called cannabidiol. CBD is part of a family of compounds called cannabinoids that have been shown to affect a bodily system found in most organisms on earth called the endocannabinoid system. Oftentimes this system will just be shortened to the ECS and it is linked to a variety of other body systems such as regulating cognitive and physiological processes, fertility, pregnancy, pre- and postnatal development, the numerous activities of the immune system, pain-sensation appetite, memory, mood and more. It is believed that the ECS plays a huge role in maintaining homeostasis in the body. This essentially means is that it picks up the slack when other systems are performing poorly to allow the body’s natural ability to heal itself work better.

How CBD Works In The Body

How Does CBD Work?

As previously mentioned, CBD reacts with the receptors of the ECS. Under normal circumstances, these receptors are activated with naturally produced endocannabinoids. However, during studies conducted in the 1990s, it was found that cannabinoids from the cannabis family of plants also react with the receptors. While it is not fully understood if CBD and other cannabinoids are boosting the endocannabinoid’s effectiveness or binding to the receptors themselves it has been observed to improve the system’s performance. This is thought to be the primary reason why CBD has such a wide array of ailments that it has reportedly helped with.

How To Use CBD

CBD can be used in an almost infinite variety of ways. It can be used in many of its raw extracted forms such as CBD crude oil, CBD distillate, and CBD isolates. Some like to ingest it using finished CBD products such as CBD gummies or CBD tinctures. Others enjoy smoking it in its raw form of CBD flower or a CBD extract can be used in dab pens. It can also be used in the form of topicals like CBD muscle rubs and CBD salves. There are even treats for your cat or dog that have CBD in them. As you can see there is a dizzying variety of products and ways to take CBD. One product gaining particular attention in recent days is that of CBD crystalline.

What is CBD Crystalline?

CBD crystalline is another name for a CBD extract called CBD isolate. It is 99% pure CBD and is called CBD crystalline because it consists of a fine white powder that resembles little crystals. It is very potent and it is simple to use for a wide assortment of purposes. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making it the perfect addition to any topical or food product to either boost the current CBD content or to add to where there is none. It can be smoked using a dab pen or it can be simply placed under the tongue. CBD crystalline is also easy to use for micro-dosing as it is simple to get a consistent dosage when compared to other forms.

how is cbd crystalline made

How Is CBD Crystalline Made?

CBD crystalline is made using a CBD distillate and putting it through further refinement processes known as crystallization. This process gets rid of all the other unwanted cannabinoids, amino acids, and terpenes by heating and mixing until there is a homogeneous mixture. CBD crystals will drop out of the cannabinoid-rich solution as it cools down, creating the final product which is a white powder that is 99% pure CBD isolate and sometimes called CBD crystalline. This will then oftentimes find its way into other products or can be sold as-is.

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