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Looking to Buy High Quality HHC

What Do You Look for When You are Looking to Buy High-Quality HHC

Hexahydrocannabinol, also known as HHC, is one of the many exciting cannabinoids available on the market today.

If you’re interested in trying HHC, it’s important to find the right HHC products. Use this guide to make sure you choose the best HHC products available when you’re shopping.

What is HHC?

HHC is one of the many cannabinoids that naturally occur in the cannabis plant.

There are currently over 100 known cannabinoids, with researchers still making discoveries often. Scientists actually discovered HHC back in the 1940s, but since it’s only present in very small amounts in the cannabis plant, it was largely ignored until the last few years.

For the HHC to be viable, it must go through a hydrogenation process. HHC is a hydrogenated version of THC, meaning that it has hydrogen atoms chemically added to its structure. Once the THC has the added hydrogen and becomes HHC, it’s a more stable molecule.

Even though that sounds like a relatively small change, the hydrogenation process makes HHC last longer than THC. It’s also more damage-resistant.

What Are the Differences Between HHC, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC?

Different Between Cannabinoids

With all the different cannabinoids on the market, it’s not surprising that some people get confused. Delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC are two of the most popular cannabinoids, and here’s how they compare to HHC.

One of the most important differences to consider when comparing cannabinoids is the potency level. In terms of potency, HHC is slightly more potent than delta 8 THC but still less potent than delta 9 THC. That means HHC is perfect for people who want something a little stronger than delta 8 without experiencing the full force of delta 9.

A practical difference to consider is that it’s currently much easier to find delta 8 and delta 9 products than HHC products. If you’re just looking for a product that’s easy to find in stock, delta 8 is probably the way to go.

These three cannabinoids are also present in the cannabis plant in different quantities. They’re all naturally occurring but Delta 9 THC is the most abundant of the three by a wide margin. Some cannabis plant samples have a concentration of up to thirty percent delta 9 THC while the percentage of delta 8 THC and HHC rarely go over one percent in the raw plant.

On the more technical side of things, the differences between delta 8, delta 9, and HHC largely stem from differences in their chemical structures.

Delta 8 and delta 9 THC have the same exact chemical formula but their molecular structures are different. Delta 8 THC has a carbon double bond in a different place than delta 9 THC, a small difference which explains why the two compounds have totally separate effects on people. HHC, on the other hand, has two more hydrogen atoms than delta 8 or delta 9. 

Factors to Consider When Shopping for HHC

Before you head out to the store to buy HHC and try it for yourself, you should keep in mind these factors that can help you find the best HHC products.

Best HHC Products

Check the Brand

The first thing you should do when you see an HHC product you’re considering buying is to check the brand. Some brands are known to produce much higher-quality products than others. If you’re shopping and see a brand that you don’t recognize or trust, it’s better to choose a product from a different brand.


A high-quality HHC product is one that’s made with high-quality ingredients. It may sound obvious, but so many customers don’t take the time to look at the ingredients in the cannabinoid products.

Make sure that nothing stands out to you as odd on the product ingredient list. Strange chemicals or heavy metals in the ingredient list are red flags that should make you reconsider your purchase.


Transparency is key when you’re shopping for cannabinoid products, including HHC products.

Specifically, you want to make sure any brand you buy from is completely transparent about the sources of the ingredients they use and the lab results for their products. All trustworthy cannabis companies provide lab results from an independent, third-party testing facility for all of their products. These lab results show customers that the products meet important industry safety standards.


It’s a good idea to look at reviews for any company before you buy the products, but that’s especially true with cannabis companies. You might have to spend a little extra time upfront researching companies and their reviews. That time will be well spent when it helps you find high-quality HHC products from reputable sellers.

What Types of HHC Products Are There?

As with other cannabinoids, there are a wide variety of HHC products available for purchase. Some of the two most popular HHC product options are HHC oil vape carts and HHC gummies.

Depending on the seller, you may also see HHC tinctures, HHC concentrates, and disposable HHC vapes. Some companies even sell HHC flower which is hemp flower covered in HHC.

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