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What Is Hemp Distillate & How Is It Used?

Hemp distillate has become one of the most popular health phenomena in recent years. The use of hemp-infused products has exploded in popularity and has gained a massive following from users of all walks of life. What was once a small niche product only found in smoke shops and hippie grocery stores is hitting the mainstream and can be found almost everywhere. If you are new to the scene and wondering just exactly what is hemp distillate then be sure to continue reading. Consider this your ultimate guide on hemp distillate and how it can help you!

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What is Hemp Distillate?

Hemp distillate is another name for what is also commonly called CBD distillate. This is also the base for making many other types of distillate like delta 8, thcp and hhc distillate. Furthermore, CBD or hemp distillate is oftentimes referred to as CBD or hemp oil by many people and even manufacturers. To make it even more confusing hemp oil can also refer to oil that is made from the seeds of hemp and while beneficial in its own right it does not contain any CBD whatsoever. Hemp is relatively new to the scene and there is quite a bit of overlap between terminologies that are out there. The best thing is to educate yourself on the types of products and do not be afraid to ask questions to the supplier. Here are some things to look out for when buying hemp or CBD products.

CBD / Hemp Crude Oil: this typically refers to the first unrefined result of the extraction process. It contains all of the original cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and amino acids of the original hemp plant. However, since it is unrefined it typically only contains about 45 to 55% CBD. Some manufacturers offer this in both versions containing trace amounts of THC and those that are THC free.  T Free CBD Crude Oil  generally contains 66.74% total cannabinoids breaking down to 62.58% CBD, CBC 2.85%, CBN 0.79%, and CBG 0.52%. It has no detectable amounts of THC, which makes it the perfect choice for those looking for all the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant without the psychoactive THC.

CBD / Hemp Full-Spectrum Distillate: this usually refers to a product that is further refined from the crude hemp oil. After the initial extraction of CBD or hemp crude oil, it is put through processes to increase the potency of the CBD and remove any unwanted compounds. Full-spectrum distillates contain THC, but under the legal limit of 0.3%. Full spectrum distillate will generally contain 93.28% CBD with only 0.28% THC.

CBD / Hemp Broad-Spectrum Distillate: is a full-spectrum distillate with one added step, ensuring that the THC is removed. Broad-spectrum hemp distillates will often have a higher potency of total cannabinoids than a crude oil similar to a full spectrum but lack the THC. Generally, broad-spectrum hemp distillate comes with 90.93% total cannabinoids with the makeup being 88.26% CBD, 1.95% CBG, and 0.72% CBDV. A broad-spectrum distillate is a great option for those looking for a large dose of CBD and other cannabinoids but no detectable levels of THC.

Hemp Oil: this more often refers to an oil that is produced from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is more proper and accurate to call it hemp seed oil. However, some manufacturers and sellers trying to take advantage of the CBD craze will just simply call it hemp oil in the hopes that consumers will mistake it for CBD / hemp oil. The hemp seed oil has its benefits such as being high in omega 3s, but it does not contain any CBD. When looking to buy hemp oil that does contain CBD ensure that it is extracted from the plant material and not the seeds. When in doubt, be sure to ask the supplier for a COA. If they cannot produce one, then it might be best to start looking elsewhere.

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How is Hemp Distillate Made?

Hemp distillate is made by taking the raw biomass of the hemp plant and putting it through an extraction process. When it comes to producing hemp distillates that contain CBD the plant material is used and is often called raw CBD biomass. This is put through one of three major extraction processes called solvent extraction, steam distillation, or CO2 supercritical extraction. Whichever process used the first result is what is called a CBD or hemp crude oil. This crude oil is then further refined using processes that help remove the undesired compounds and increase the potency of the final product. Once put through this process, we are left with what is commonly called hemp distillate. Depending on the extent of the refinement it will produce either a full-spectrum or a broad-spectrum hemp distillate.

Looking To Buy Hemp Distillate?

When you are looking to buy hemp distillate one of the best distillate is made using the CO2 supercritical extraction process to produce some high quality and pure hemp distillate. If you can find an operation that is a vertically integrated farm it is even better as it allows the operation to control every step of the process from seed to finished product, ensuring that you are getting the best quality CBD / hemp distillate that money can buy. 

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