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Wholesale CBG Flower & Isolate For Sale

We here at Eagle Moon Hemp are proud to offer CBG wholesale. We have both CBG flower wholesale and CBG isolate wholesale of some of the best available on the market. Our CBG benefits from a vertically farmed approach. We control everything from seed to oil meaning we plant them, care for them, harvest them, extract the product, and offer it for sale. By cutting out the middle-man, our CBG wholesale of industry-leading CBG flower and CBG isolate is offered at very competitive rates. If you have been thinking about starting your own CBD and CBG business or just adding CBG to your current lineup be sure to give us a call. We love to help our customers find the products that work best for them and the best pricing options. Do not hesitate to reach out to us our friendly staff is always here to help!

CBG Flower and Isolate

By now you have surely heard of CBD whether from a friend, in the media, or seen it for sale in your favorite store. Almost everywhere has it stocked on their shelves now. The gas station on the corner, the large grocery chain, and the nationally recognized beauty supply store all carry products containing CBD these days. With almost pure certainty you have heard of someone who has begun taking it. CBD has taken over the world and it is hard to find someone who has not heard of it at this point. You may have heard of CBD but have you heard about its cousin CBG?

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol often shortened to CBG is one of the “big six” cannabinoids present in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis is well known as being the plant that marijuana hails from. What most people do not know is that marijuana’s lesser-known cousin hemp also comes from the cannabis plant. While marijuana is high in THC, the cannabinoid that gets you high, hemp is low in THC and therefore does not have the same psychoactive effects. Either way, both marijuana, and hemp are classified as cannabis and the only thing that defines them legally is the chemical makeup of each after harvest.

All cannabis plants make what is called cannabigerol acid (CBGA.) CBGA is known as a precursor to the other main cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA.) Certain enzymes present within the plant determine whether the CBGA will turn into THCA or CBDA. Once these acids are exposed to heat or ultraviolet light, they become the well-known cannabinoids THC and CBD. This is respectively the main difference between marijuana and hemp. CBG is what CBGA is converted to in the absence of enzymes to break it down any further and when subjected to heat or ultraviolet light. Some breeders are experimenting with cross breeding and the genetic manipulation of plants in an attempt to yield higher concentrations of CBG. Some have even pinpointed the optimal extraction point which is about six weeks into an eight-week cycle.

What Are The Benefits of CBG?

Studying CBG has not become commonplace by a long shot, however some studies have been conducted. What little results we do have seem to be very encouraging. They indicate that CBG can be effective at helping many of the same areas as CBD as well as a few of its own. For instance, CBG has been reported to inhibit cancer cell growth and protect from nerve cell degeneration. In some studies, it was reported to be highly effective against inflammatory bowel disease and it tested better than any other cannabinoid for inhibiting bladder contractions. It has also been shown to reduce ocular pressure and is thought to be ideal for treating glaucoma. In addition, European research suggests that it is a particularly effective antibacterial, especially against MRSA. Another possible application for CBG is the treatment of cachexia, which is the muscle wasting and extreme weight loss associated with late-stage cancer as it is an effective appetite stimulant.

So What Is The Difference Between CBD and CBG?

While CBD and CBG share many of the same therapeutic and beneficial properties. CBG is gaining popularity and some growers and producers are beginning to make the shift towards its production. Some companies now offer both CBD and CBG products for sale. The key difference is what it contains, for instance, a CBD flower will be higher in cannabidiol (CBD.) Whereas a CBG flower will be higher in cannabigerol (CBG.) Other products such as CBG isolate are also extracted from the CBG flower which eventually finds its way into other products.

What Can CBG Flower / CBD Isolate Be Used For?

CBG flower can be smoked just like a regular CBD flower, but you are consuming CBG instead. The same thing can be said for CBG isolate. Another awesome aspect of both of them is making your own CBG edibles, CBG tinctures, or CBG topicals. CBG can be extracted from CBG flowers at home using a variety of methods and then consumed by yourself or become the basis of your own brand. The same can be said for CBG isolate but without the initial step of extraction since it has already been done for you. CBG isolate can be directly added to food or drink, taken orally, or added to a variety of skin and hair products. With CBG isolate, the only limit is your imagination as it can be made into so many products. If you are looking to start making homemade CBG products or starting a CBD / CBG business, then finding a good CBG wholesaler can be crucial.

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