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Why Are CBD Gummies So Popular?

Gummies are Goliaths in the CBD edibles industry. If current market estimates are accurate, the global CBD gummies market could be worth almost $14 billion by 2028. That’s roughly 30 percent higher than projected sales figures in 2021.

There’s no doubt thousands of people are getting their CBD in gummy form. But why are these CBD sweets so successful? Well, according to most anecdotal reports, people gravitate towards CBD gummies for dozens of reasons. Understanding why different people use CBD gummies may help new customers understand whether they should try these treats.

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Why Is Everyone In Love With CBD Gummies?

There’s no single explanation for why hemp gummies are so hot in the current hemp market. Everyone has unique reasons for adding these edibles to their CBD toolkit, and some may use CBD gummies alongside tinctures, flowers, or oils.

However, the obvious feature that attracts people to CBD gummies is their taste. Since CBD candies are super sweet, getting your CBD fix from these bears isn’t a struggle.

Interestingly, many people who are new to CBD claim gummies are the easiest way to ease into the world of hemp. Gummy bears have a cute and innocent appearance, which helps new customers feel more at ease trying something new like CBD.

Speaking of appearance, CBD gummies are one of the most discreet hemp products. Many customers sneak these CBD treats into their lunch breaks without drawing the attention of nosy co-workers.

Another reason CBD gummies are a popular choice with employees is their subtle effects. Like other edibles, CBD gummies have to travel through the liver before entering a person’s bloodstream. Therefore, people who take these edibles won’t feel CBD kick in until about 45 minutes later. The effects of CBD gummies are often longer and subtler than other products, which is ideal for use in an environment where you need to be alert and productive.

Is There Anything "Bad" About CBD Gummies?

While CBD gummies have many attractive traits, they aren’t great for every occasion. For instance, if you need to feel CBD at full blast in a few minutes, CBD gummies won’t deliver the goods. You shouldn’t expect instant or potent effects when using any hemp edible.

If you’re not interested in slow-acting and subtle effects, then you may want to consider other high-potency CBD products. For instance, CBD vape juices, CBD tinctures, and hemp flowers offer far more pronounced effects than CBD gummies. All three of these products travel directly into a user’s bloodstream, which results in a higher absorption rate.

Could You Overdose On CBD Gummies?

Since CBD gummies take a while to start working, it’s more likely customers could take too much CBD in one go. Indeed, there are a few cases where patients ate entire cartons of CBD gummies and experienced severe side effects later on.

While you could “overdose” on CBD, you’d need to take a crazy amount for it to have lethal effects. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be extra careful when dosing CBD gummies. People who take too many treats could experience significant side effects like headaches, vomiting, or digestive upset.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended CBD dosage and monitor your body’s response. Only increase your CBD gummy dose day by day and stop once you notice any adverse reactions.

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Are CBD Gummies Good For Microdosing?

Customers who are into hemp microdosing love using CBD gummies. While edibles aren’t as precise as CBD tinctures, their subdued effect makes them easier to incorporate into a busy schedule. Plus, CBD gummies are safe and discreet to pack in a lunch bag. No need to worry about a vial of CBD tincture spilling all over your purse!

How Could You Tell CBD Gummies Are Any Good?

You could evaluate a company’s CBD gummies the same way you would any other hemp product. Firstly, ask for third-party lab results. These analyses will clue you in on just how pure and potent a company’s gummies are. You could also look for official accreditations like “vegan-friendly” and “organic” to verify these gummies are the real deal.

When reviewing CBD gummy brands, it’s worth checking out each product’s ingredients list. Here you could double-check a company is using only all-natural sweeteners and high-quality hemp extract.

Lastly, you could search for online reviews related to your CBD gummy brand. However, you should take these e-reviews with a pinch of salt. There are plenty of fake reviews on cyberspace, so it’s best to rely on official reports when evaluating CBD gummies.

Are CBD Gummies Kid-Friendly?

CBD gummies are only safe for adult consumers. Indeed, the greatest danger associated with CBD gummies is that they look similar to many kid-friendly candies. If you have little-ones at home, you need to keep CBD gummies locked away and far out of reach.

Please never give any CBD product to children without a registered doctor’s approval.

Could CBD Gummies Hurt A Cannabis Drug Screening?

Since many people take CBD gummies during work, people often ask whether they could ruin a drug screening. Technically, any CBD product that has some THC could negatively affect your urine sample. However, whether CBD gummies will make you fail a drug test largely depends on your metabolism.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know whether the THC in a full-spectrum CBD gummy will be in your bloodstream during a drug screening. THC metabolites have a notoriously long half-life. So, even though you won’t feel any effects it’s possible a drug test could pick up traces of this cannabinoid.

The only way to ensure your drug screening will be clean is to use CBD products with zero THC content. Typically, these CBD gummies will be labeled “isolate” or “broad-spectrum,” but always ask for third-party lab results to be on the safe side.

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