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Why Buy CBD Crude Oil & What Are It’s Uses

CBD is almost everywhere you look these days. It is in soaps, lotions, food, and drinks. Pretty much you name it and there is a product that contains CBD. It can be bought everywhere from the local corner gas station to the big box beauty stores. If you have not heard about CBD and its reported benefits by now, then you must be living under a rock. If you do live under a rock do not worry, we are here to help. Read on to find out more about CBD.

CBD Crude Oil

What is CBD Crude Oil?

CBD crude oil is the raw, unprocessed oil extracted from the hemp plant. From this form, it is further refined into other CBD products like distillate, THC free distillate, and isolate. These will then find their way into a wide assortment of products ranging from topicals to edibles and everything in between. CBD crude oil is essentially the whole plant represented in the oil and is what is known as full-spectrum. This means that the whole complement of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that make up the plant is present in the oil. Some believe that these compounds work better when in the presence of one another, or what is called the entourage effect. Furthermore, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes have been shown to potentially have their own medicinal benefits in addition to CBD. This makes CBD crude oil especially useful for those looking for the closest thing to the plant’s original makeup as possible.

How to Use CBD Crude Oil?

As stated before, CBD crude oil can be further refined into a dizzying array of CBD infused products. In addition, CBD crude oil can be taken on its own. It can be placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve sublingually, it can be placed into food or drink, or even used to make homemade edibles or other homemade CBD infused products. CBD crude oil is extremely versatile with almost unlimited uses.

Benefits of CBD Crude Oil

CBD crude oil has all of the benefits of CBD plus the added benefits of the other compounds. It is believed that CBD works better when in the presence of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This is called the entourage effect and essentially means the closer the extract is to the plant’s makeup while living the better it works in the body. Additionally, research suggests that these other compounds also may have an array of beneficial effects. However, more research does need to be conducted to confirm the effects and how effective they actually are but preliminary results are exciting and encouraging.

Crude Premium CBD Organic Natural Vegan

Where to Buy CBD Crude Oil

Many CBD manufacturers and retailers sell CBD crude oil. However, be sure that when you do buy your CBD crude oil it is from a reputable dealer. Look at lab results, customer feedback, and do not be afraid to ask questions. Whether you are looking to buy  CBD crude oil you should be able to find it in quantities from 10 grams to 1000 grams. 

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis may sound familiar as it is the plant that marijuana is derived from. Another lesser-known relative of marijuana called hemp is also derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Whereas marijuana is high in THC (the cannabinoid that gets you “high”) and low in CBD, hemp is low in THC and high in CBD. THC and CBD are similar in molecular structure and even share some of the same reported medicinal benefits, but that is where the similarities end. CBD has no psychotropic effects when used and therefore does not lead to a feeling of euphoria. CBD has been reported to help with a variety of conditions such as relieving the effects of anxiety and depression, helps to reduce inflammation, promote a healthy sleep schedule, and even to reduce the chances of someone with epilepsy from having a seizure. Additionally, it has been reported that CBD can help with more serious ailments such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more. While research has gone into the positive effects of CBD and it shows great potential in all these areas, more research still needs to be done to determine the overall effectiveness of it. However, many users report benefits from taking CBD daily after the first week or two and many now swear by it.

Where Does CBD Come From?

As previously mentioned, CBD comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant, but more specifically the hemp derivative. Hemp is specially grown to be very low in THC and very high in CBD for the purposes of extraction. Once the plants have reached the proper level of maturity they are harvested and processed in a variety of ways. There are three main extraction processes that have varying degrees of advantages and disadvantages. These processes are the solvent extraction method, steam distillation, and CO2 supercritical extraction. Each extraction method is a bit different and produces different levels of quality in terms of the extract. However, no matter the method of extraction the resulting product will be what is called CBD crude oil.

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